OK, so it’s the New Year – happy to all.

Resolutions? Years ago I resolved to make no more. I have succeded thus far in keeping my resolve and had an absolutely fine time of it. Nottoway I’m going to change that.

Predictions? I don’t make predictions about much, except I do these (Far too easy. Nottoway I’m going to take a chance.)

Several or more, if not most, politicians will be caught being amazingly banal and audacious in their corruption and/or the appearance thereof. They will tearfully resolve to not do it again, and claim they are thus deserving of more time in whatever political position they currently misused.

Our foreign enemies will be undaunted and will continue resolved in their efforts to do us harm. Our foreign friends will be unresolved and continue in dithering while our enemies are trying to burn Rome. Our internal violent enemies will continue what they do, but as usual to almost no effect, and our internal friends of all kinds will be ever vigilant in the protection of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The Democrats will blame every single problem on earth on either Republicans, George Bush, the Free Market, Too Much Liberty, Guns in private hands and various right wing commentators, or all in a vast conspiracy. They will be predictable in continuing their Aggrandize Government Plan for America which they believe will resolve all problems despite all evidence in human history to the contrary.

The Republicans will continue to say maybe, whoa, yes there are problems, and then do mostly nothing about aggrandizing government or resolving any problems except to worry about how to get back into power so they can install their own plan to do what the Democrats are doing; which is but a little slower and with slightly different words – sort of twiddledee and twiddledum – though all twaddle.

The National Debt predicably will continue to grow by leaps and bounds with no end in sight. Democrats and Republicans will aimlessly renew their resolve to do something about it before returning to aggrandizing government and doing nothing about the debt which allegedly concerns them. They will, however, fraudulently cook the numbers, even better than a climate change fraudster can with their fudge factor, to hide the decline in the national wealth and fiscal health.

The Tax and Spend Regime will continue the onslaught upon the people it is sworn to protect and uphold with its bizarre idea that it can take all the money from the people, reorder it, repackage it, and regurgitate it back to the people whence it came. It will continue to blame any people opposed for being opposed to the people.

The Regulate and Legislate Regime will continue to spit out mind numbingly complex laws and rules by 1000 page increments which no one can understand and yet will give vague and large license to the aggrandized government to do whatever it resolves to do. Anyone in the way will be ever more easily penalized by fine and/or imprisonment by prosecutors with wide latitude to make the vague laws sound just as solid as they need to be for this very case before them. Then the law will morph for its attack on the next victim in its path.

Judges at every level will continue to find that every move by the government is perfectly lawful for there is a law passed by the government which says so and a government official who says the law is perfectly fine for what the government needs to do. They will hear thousands of cases and conclude nearly unanimously that aggrandized government is best for all concerned. They will see no power that the political class should be denied for the good of the people who are opposed to such power.

The Tea Party will continue to grow as the corruption, the appearance of corruption, the debt, the taxes and spending, the legislating and regulating, the blaming and pontificating, and the self-aggrandizing politicians work at aggrandizing the behemoth of government continue its onslaught upon the Liberties of the People until vitually all the people will be against all the government. And what we will have is a 80-20 split – 80% will be We the People. And 20% will be the corrupt, craven, debt growing, tax spending, regulatory imposing, blame-giving-and-worthy aggrandizers who will blame the 80% for being against America and her values and traditions, and her very people.

And when 20% of the people say that 80% of the people are against the people themselves, well, that’s is a time for resolution indeed. Often it is called revolution, but we are only doing New Years predicitions and resolutions after all. Though, after such point is reached it is hard to predict the resolve of each side in enforcing its view.

In my experience, whenever 80 people take on 20 people, the twenty lose eventually. All experience has shown that the 20 people can never reload their guns fast enough to kill off all 80. And thus the remant will remove the 20.

That’s what’s happening in Iran at this time. 80% of the people are now completely and irrevocably resovled to discontinue their current tax and spend, regulate and legislate, national debt induced economic mess with high unemployment, absurd laws and rules by the tens of thousands all vaguely enforceable by unelected and unaccountable corrupt mush-headed – and unapproved by the people — administrators who can find no earthly reason why the 80% should not kowtow in utter submission to what the 20% want. It was reported, as could have been predicted, that the 80% said – whoa, not so fast – time for some hope for change.

In a small vignette played out over and over throughout the country — whenever some 20 of the aggrandized governmenteers took the time to reload their guns after shooting into the 80 people who were supposedly against themselves, that some 70 of the remant standing rushed and caused some considerable harm to the 20 who thought they had might, and thus right, on their side. It was said that at least perhaps up to 5 of every 20 aggrandizers predicted their own immanent pain and/or demise, and resovled at that moment to give up aggrandizing for the pursuit of liberty.

Whether our own aggrandizers or our own people-against-themselves will bring it to the boiling point, or even up to a low simmer is not predictable. What is is that the chefs of big government are now merely pulling together the ingredients, and slicing and dicing, and chopping, and tossing away the detritus, and warming the pots and preheating the oven, while they aim to make a meal of We the People. Whether we are to be mere vegetables in the stew or rise up for Liberty and sprout like seeds fallen in fresh and good earth to grow mightly like Jack’s Bean Stalk and wind up being the giant slayer is yet to be determined. Me? I predict 80 will win against 20. Let’s hope in peace and harmony.

Our first step? Vote every bum out. Makes no difference who – OUT! And then also, continue each and every protest march, letter writing, and email, faxing, etc, it is time to simply ratchet up the pressure for the wackos to get a grip – sort of like slapping the hysterical to get their attention. It has been true that a truce is usually called between the 80 and the 20 when the 20 agree to stop at some point their time honored desire to take over each and every aspect of any nation for their own purpose. Such has been royalty for millennia, such are the royalists of our time. So, resolve to vote no, and to speak loudly, but keep the big stick handy should it be required.

Oh yeah, Nottoway is the plantation home at which I played piano for five hours on New Years Eve and made a good amount of people very tingly happy, and me too, for tips, pay and food. Ah, bliss.


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