Follow the leader?

“From the article now up on the Washington Post website:
“But authorities are — for now — operating on the theory that he acted alone, according to an American law enforcement source.
“‘At this point, there’s nothing to suggest that he was part of a wider conspiracy involving others,’ said the source, speaking on condition of anonymity so as not to interfere with an ongoing and active investigation.”
It’s already likely–based on other reporting–that his premise is incorrect. But it’s amazing how deep the wishfulness is among “authorities”–especially, I think, the FBI–that all these guys be found to be acting alone. It turns out, in case after case, that these individuals are in some kind of contact with al Qaeda types abroad. But that would make this more of an ongoing war, less of a law enforcement problem–so the law enforcement authorities try to wish the facts away.”

All of this was posted on to — and it is all sort of irrelevant.
One side would have us unconcerned because this terrorist acted alone.
The other side woudl have us concerned because he acted with others.
Both sides are worried that there is or is not a leader of some sort.
Who cares?
This is a case of a disjointed command system. This is a group of loose knit bunch who all use the same guide books.
The guide books are two.
One is the Koran — which does clearly state that it is perfectly fine to eradicate non-muslims.
The other is a sort of “how-to” manual on doing the actual killing.
The word is out by a few philosophizing gentlemen that any who think they can do it should go kill some infidels.
It’s like trying to find out which rock started the avalanche. It’s like trying to figure out which popcorn pops first.
Who cares?
It’s the end result that matters — the avalanche or the popped corn.
Once set in motion the avalanche and the popping will go until stopped. By either brute force of opposition or by natural atrophy as all moving objects come to rest.
Terrorism at this point is a group of people who have no earthly clue that there are other terrorists out there. They don’t care. It is irrelevant to them if some other terrorist completes a job. Their own mission is to do their own job.
They don’t need to tell anyone else. Nor ask permission. It is irrelevant what the target is. Any old thing will do. Sure, make it big and explosive, maximum damage, and within sight of the cameras. But it makes not a difference what happens.
It’s sort of like in World War II, when the US plan was to invade a slew of islands held by the Japanese. All the invasions came from the same play book — but it didn’t make a difference to the guys on Island A what was going on on Island B.
So long as there was maximum destruction of whatever targets were lying around, fine.
Also during the war, because of weather, or enemy operations, or even getting lost, it didn’t make a difference where over Germany that the bombs were dropped. There was no point in bringing them home that’s for sure. Drop where you could — maximum disruption and destruction.
That’s the war on terrorism we are fighting today.
The play book, the how to book, is out. But anybody can buy a copy.
Therefore, however, it makes no difference which crazed muslim fanatics we hit. Not a bit of difference. You cannot behead a philosophy, only a carrier of it. The rest are either killed, forced into submission, or are successful at what they do.
The terrorists have declared all out war by any means and anywhere. And we are worried whether some guy is taking orders from someone or not.
The war is war, take it to them.


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