Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a peculiar English holiday – the day after Christmas – when gifts are given to people of one’s acquaintance, and not just to family. It is celebrated in all the Queen’s Realm. Not here in America, though. Nor in the rest of the world. What we have is a real boxing day. And it’s going to be blood sport soon enough.

A wacko tried to blow up an airliner here in America – people on board boxed the man down. Our fearless government thinks it “might be an attempted terrorist attack.” Well, yes, might be, indeed. A man pulls out incendiary things and lights them on fire – details are unclear – but really: “might be”? Seems the headline should be “Terrorist Attack On Plane Foiled.” But no, let’s be concerned with upsetting any terrorists out there by calling them that. One or two articles on the net said “No motive is known.” Well, it’s a simple motive really, and they do repeat it a lot, these suicide bombers do — “to kill as many infidels as possible with the most destructive means available for the glory of our god.” The motive is plain and simple to all but our government of the day. (which last phrase is also a peculiar English saying.)

Iran has said to it’s own people: screw you – and proceeded to box them down in the streets, in their clubs, in their homes, and on the internet and on their cell phones. The pummelled are getting back up on their feet after each brutal assualt much more quickly and with more venom. No more is it “reform” — it is “remove.” Such a simple thing to hope for, such a small change, so audacious. However, our fearless government utters not a peep – but seeks, still, “dialogue.” With whom they wish to speak is hard to tell. John Kerry, socialist of Massachusetts has been ordained to go find someone to speak to about the matter. Alas, Iranian government agents are busy with one of three things: repressing their people, building nuclear capability as fast as they can, and telling Obama “screw you.” They have said they are unable, unwilling and not ready to meet the ketchup queen’s husband.

Cuba’s king and prince have called Obama a liar and an imperialist. As did King Hugo of Venezuela, and a few other Kings-but-by-title dictators the world over. And called him worse. No word if Obama will send John Kerry to Havana or Caracas when he gets back from Iran with a piece of paper about peace in our times.

An Obama flunky in Israel refused to show his papers to Israeli soldiers and refused to say who was in the car with them as they crossed the border — soldiers whose job it is to protect Israel by enquiring about those very things. And if we can have our papers checked just about anywhere with presidential approval and encouragement, and given that Israel is particularly persnicketty about such unknown border crossers, one would think that a diplomat would not be such a dip. And what does an American diplomat have to hide from Israel? One wonders.

Meanwhile, Our fearless Advocate ventures that insurance companies might be “pinched” by proposed legislation giving unelected bureaucrats royal decree like power in total subversion of the Constitution. Well, I’d say driving a legitimate business into bankruptcy is pinching them indeed. Pinching hard in parts unmentionable (see America’s Funniest Home Videos for the family friendly version.) The insurance business is being told what products to offer, and which customers to accept, and which prices to charge – all completely regardless of any actuarial math or logic, reason or rationality. Instead it is legislated emotion. So this industry, employing tens of thousands of people, will slowly be put to the sword, like a fatted turkey for dinner. And what will be left is the carcass of an abomination known as “health care reform.”

By some bizarre mentality many still believe that shifting costs from one payer to another, raising taxes on anything that moves or doesn’t, overloading companies with unprofitable mandates, and threatening fines and jail to any and all citizens who refuse submission is actually going to make health care better. And, they claim, is actually for the “general welfare” of the nation. Being pulled down from the offices of insurance companies is that famous sign: “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” Going up is a new sign: “going out of business.” No word on whether Congress will enact a “windfall business closing tax” or if the insurance companies will be made to stay open employing people they can’t afford to pay with the prices set by Congress.

Health care not done yet, and pitfalls abounding, Congress turned its eyes towards the volume level of TV commericals. No word if they will order the sound completely off for any ad that questions the government – for already come the comments that to be against the government plan is to be dangerous to the Republic. These comments come from elected Senators and Representatives – not a one of whom won by more than a slim majority – who are now saying that all their constituents who did not vote for them had one hell of a nerve – and how dare they think that Congress and the Government are not doing what needs doing – regardless of the fact that the vast majority of people are opposed to whatever it is – and thus the vast majority of Americans are now some brand or another of anti-American. Rather odd for the nation to be against itself, but so it has been declared from the White House down to the lowest flunkies of the left’s political movers. Our own Landrieu did inform us that we will love the bill as soon as we know what is in it, but that she, like the rest of the Democrats in Congress haven’t quite decided what that is yet, and won’t tell us if they did anyway. So sure of acceptance that they are hoping we’ll have faith that it is good. And we will presumably be pinched by some method if we disagree.

Meanwhile, there are more and more reports that the recovery touted is no such thing at all. The unemployment rate is still no lower than 10% nationally, though higher, much higher, in the high tax states, and lower, much lower, in the low tax states. So the government, at all levels, sees but one solution – raise taxes each and every place they can get away with short of a tar and feathering. The federal government, ever seeking fairness, is perhaps considering legislation requiring low tax states to raise their taxes so as to have a uniform system from sea to shining sea. They have made it clear that difference of opinion is against the people, and so one wonders how soon they can craft the thousands of blank pages required to effect their decree.

It is also reported by some sources that some 60 to 65 percent of the population is now dependent on the government for sustenance by one means or another. And it is further reported that Congress is still intent on socking the remaining privately producing 40% to pay the bill. Ultimately the math can’t work. And when 100% of the people are all dependent on the government it will be most interesting to see from where the wealth comes from to pay for it all. Most interesting.

There’s tons of statistics that don’t look good out there. There are lots of comments, opinion pieces and punditry talking about such a huge amount of things that even Santa might have trouble listing them all. And he’s got the day off, and the next 364 too, to work on it. But still, there is great angst in the land. There are really but two sides to the argument.

There are those who say that the government should do more – they are a slim minority.

And there are those who say the government does just enough, or too much – they are the slim majoirty.

It differs issue to issue, but still, it holds up remarkably well at a 35-40% to 60-65% edge against more government. Our government, with help and connivnace of Our Advocate says: “screw you” and “we’ll box your ears” to the 65% opposed. The minority that wants to increase the size of government, even if it means passing blank pages which the president can sign so that unelected bureaucrats can get busy making laws, rules and regulations regardless of the Constitution, or even the intent of Congress, and surely against the wishes of the American public, is working on weekends to effect the imposition of their decrees. Small government folks have now been pilloried as neaderthals, aryan jackboots, nazi sympathizers, killers, wishers of death to the unfortunate, stupid, anti-American and other names of various similar ilk. Really too many to keep track of, but all of them naughty and none of them nice.

It’s just easier to quote Conrad of North Dakota, who like the Emperor Conrad of the Holy Roman Empire in the first decades of the last new millennium said “if you don’t like it, go somewhere else.”

To make sure the mush, piffle, and Destroy-America-Now legislation being passed by every layer of government stays in effect they are beginning to insert the “do not repeal” provision into all legislation. Not that any parliament since the run in between the Barons and the King at Runnymede in 1215 ever thought they could ever get away with that, nor did any king who ever sat on any throne ever say “thou shall not change this law forever.” But our good Congress is doing so now, for they are the vanguard of the future. Much like Soviets in 1917 were vanguards of the future. So it is a new level of arrogance and hubris here, but an old level in other parts of the world.

But the mighty go before the fall. And the fall will come. This cannot stand. For one of either two simple reasons.

  1. The American public will stand up and say “no,” and get rid of the lot of them and what they wrought before it really wreck the nation, or
  1. The mathematical reality will rear its ugly head and wipe it all out anyway.

For there are but two verities in this world: either a people yearning to be free overthrow the government of the day by one means or the other, or the government of the day collapses because it tries to ignore this simple fact: For every Unit of Wealth put into a project a Unit of Wealth + 1 must come out. Or else it fails.

Which way we will go is hard to say. But as we close out the year it is good to remember these things. For one or the other will happen. And that will make 2010 a very interesting year indeed, even if either course is not taken yet. We will edge closer however, for edge we must. How long these things take to come about is a matter of some speculation – but the inexorable math is there for all to see. It cannot be avoided. You cannot continue to raise taxes and have the government do more and more without the day of reckoning.

Fear not though, for what will be left in the end are all the things created up to that moment, and the memory of a better way, and the two great documents that pointed the way: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. As I go to my mid-morning-winter’s nap I conclude that we can almost take out the words “King George III” and “Present prince of England” and plug in “The United States Government” and “Democrat and Republican Parties” in the Declaration. And then when it all comes a-crashing down we’ll have a reinstitution of the Constitution, but with a series of amendments that make it much more unlikely we’ll go off the path again. My version of said amendments are on a separate page, linked to the left, A Second Bill of Rights.

And those are going to be my New Year’s Resolutions. No more can we just think about our own four walls and the navel that lies within. The leftists, by whatever name they are masquerading this weekend, are intent on making every single thing a political matter and an issue for Congress, and a decision for the president, and a decree by a bureaucrat – and screw all the little people, the common folk and We the People.

Have at it lefties. Let the best idea win. And since yours has lost every single time ever applied – and the more successful you are at application the more spectacular the failure – I’m not the least bit worried. Where will our Runnymede be I cannot say. Will it approach the violence of the Bastille I cannot predict. The outcome though is preordained – liberty for all, and inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in a limited government, low tax land is coming to a country near you.

It’s a stark choice, and we should thank Obama for having laid down the guantlet here and now, in our times, so that we might become the greatest generation and take back government from the buffoons who have seized it, enabled it and adore its power.

The motto of our times has become — Box or be boxed. Put on the gloves, baby, it’s cold outside.


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