Every morning I stroll the internet reading all sorts of interesting things. Today is no different. Yet, again, it is very different. Let us look at how in a long post on two short comments. So sad to be necessary, but what is one to do with global warming’s result of below average temperatures that thankfully is not beset with the biggest blizzard on record for this time of year as Washington DC is getting while Congress fritters away the wealth and peace of the nation?

I find that our president, Mr. Obama, said this – and only this – about the health care bill process in our Senate, as reported by Reuters:

“Today is a major step forward for the American people,” he said of the deal with the last holdout, Democratic Senator Ben Nelson. “After a nearly century-long struggle we are on the cusp of making health care reform a reality in the United States of America.”

What on earth is this man talking about? What struggle for a 100 years? OK, nearly – what 90? What was health care like 90 or 100 years ago? There wasn’t much. For much of it hadn’t been invented or created. There were no antibiotics. There were no antivirals. There wasn’t even penicillin. There was no anesthetic except chloroform. Surgery was dangerous and dirty. There were no emergency rooms. There were no ambulances. There was barely electricity. Hospitals were more places to just watch people die, for there were precious few cures. There were also few hospitals. Big cities had them, maybe, but small ones did not. Rural counties were bereft. There were no fribulators, or pacemakers, or open heart surgery. Basically – you got sick, you died. There were still yellow fever and malaria outbreaks, and scarlet fever and polio epidemics. There was no health care to reform. There was no legislation ever proposed to create, takeover, tax, reform, reorganize or do anything – for there was nothing on which to act. What world does the president imagine existed?

Virtually nothing of what we know of and do with health care existed. In fact, until the post World War II period there was no real health care as we know it today. 90% of the advances in health care came from World War II today.

And how did this miraculous health care grow up to be what it is? A combination of basic research by government and the vast, powerful energy of medical entrepreneurs. Basic research is a fine use of government resources – to solve the horror of polio which could affect each and every American required massive amounts of research and trial and error. As it did for all the other diseases conquered. Government was involved because it could channel the funds necessary into universities and teaching hospitals, laboratories and research centers, that were required to tackle the issue. Should the government be involved in cancer research? Absolutely. Is the government involved with this now? Absolutely. So what is to be reformed? If cancer is to be conquered, and there is say, a Billion Bucks spent on the research, but progress is slow, and if only the labs, doctors, researchers and scientists had another billion they could speed up their experiments, tests and trials – well, then, present that case and appropriate the Billion Bucks.

But should the government tell you to spend this or that amount on your personal care, and here are your options of insurance, and you must follow these guidelines and join these programs? No. That is not basic research and science. That is nitpicking in things that it knows nothing about – and can know nothing about. And can only misuse if it knew anything about it. For a doctor to have a cure to offer is one thing – for the doctor to be told to do this or that according to a bureaucratic decision is nuts. Should the government be taxing nearly every part of the admittedly over-expensive health care? No, higher taxes never lowered prices. It is impossible to make something cost more and have it come out costing less. Though that is what we are being told will happen. Rain will fall up yet, if the Democrats have their way.

Still, 100 years of struggle for reform sounds more like exactly what it is – 100 years of trying to implement a socialist, marxist, royalist (SMR) decree and favorites based system subject to admitted massive fraud and waste on a free republic. The very model offered by proponents is the SMR systems of Europe. Systems that benefited greatly by two major things America did not face – but which now facing an actuarial reality are struggling to survive. This is what we want?

What they benefited from were these things:

1) The bombing to smithereens of nearly every hospital across the continent left ample opportunity to build the latest state of the art hospitals. Who paid for them? The United States, through the Marshall Plan.

2) The killing of tens of millions of people. The weakest, oldest, youngest, sickest, poorest, disabled and worst off among them were among the tens of millions of dead. The very most expensive part of health care – the people most likely to be sick – were simply gone. There was no need to spend money on them for they were not there, for decades. Thus the healthiest, the fit who survived, had the best health, and thus the lowest costs.

The United States did not have this inflicted on us. We, in fact, had almost the opposite: 400,000 of our healthiest were killed sorting out the socialist royalist war of Europe while our least healthy stayed home to enjoy a growing 75%-25% of private-government health care wonder.

Europe has long had royalty, the place is chock full of it today. So called democracies like the Netherlands, and Spain and England have scads of royalty. Who elects the king? Bulgaria did recently: Though Boris the Pretender could not get anyone to vote him in, so he got himself elected Prime Minister and promptly started to rule exactly like a king does. There is even a Louis XIX running around – the 19th Louis in a long line stretching back to the first millennium wants to be King of France – how utterly charming. Sure, it’s good to be the king.

They have socialists by the truck load. In fact, the most “conservative” or the most “right wing” political parties in Europe would be no more “right” than the Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, or Teddy Kennedy, or Obama himself. Nearly every single political party in Europe is a socialist party. And that doesn’t even count the Marxist and Communist parties that sit in the parliaments of Europe. Marx is simply the political philosopher of choice in Europe. Every other political philosopher simply pales by comparison in esteem among Europeans, and most of the world. They have nothing remotely like American conservatives and libertarians in Europe, or anywhere. It was greatly emphasized by those beacons of hope and audaciousness in Copenhagen — Hugo Chavez calling for the death of capitalism, the murderous kleptocrat Robert Mugabe’s demand for billions of capitalist dollars, and the war crimes and genocide indicted government of Sudan calling for a leading role in making the rules by which we will abide. All three got sustained applause by one and all assembled. Obama didn’t have the guts to tell them to go to hell, instead he proposed the best way he knew how for America to join the charade called SMR.

Now, though, these European health care systems have the unhealthiest among them again, and their state run systems are broke, and the taxes are higher, way higher, and the care levels are lower, much lower in several areas – except where the reality has been faced, and then taxes are falling, and falling fast, and privatization of the system is coming faster than you can say “mon dieu.”

So the Democrats and Obama should just say: “The 100 year struggle to create a socialist health care system is finally coming to a conclusion.” They would not say this, for they know that the vast majority of Americans are opposed to this. Very opposed. Still, they’re going for it, using mush words to obfuscate their purpose. And in the next several election cycles they will pay deeply for it. Not only that, it still has not really passed. Now the House and the Senate must reconcile their 2000 pages apiece. And those 4000 pages are among the most unread pieces of legislation every foisted upon the American public.

Now, then, though, there are supporters of this behemoth monster. From just one I quote liberally, and tear apart the mush. It’s amazing the way some people think, really. On the same Reuters page from which I took the president’s comments – this fine citizen writes his or her own – hiding behind a screen name – which when I post I do not – full name is the only way to go, so the king might read it without his spectacles, as John Hancock so famously said.

“As someone who doesn’t have health care & hasn’t had it for years, and as someone whose ability to ‘just get a job & buy health care like the rest of us’ has been negatively impacted by not having had access to care, I think I have a stronger voice than many on this issue.”
This person has to have had health care, for this person is, apparently healthy. Why does this person “need” health care services if there is no health care issue? If poor – s/he’s entitled to Medicare – and presto – health care. If indigent – any number of charitable organizations will provide for free from donations to that cause. This person says “not having had access to care” — what on earth does that mean? Has this person been turned away from an emergency room? It could not be, it’s impossible. Was this person turned away from any life saving measures? Doubtful, for she’s alive to write. What access was she or he denied? When? No, it’s because the person whose admitted ability to get a job to buy health care is “negatively impacted” by not having health care. What logical mush. She or he can’t get a job to get health care because she or he has no health care – so what? Therefore not go get a job to pay for his or her health care? Bizarre. This is the thinking of a wastrel.
Then, on top of it, the audacity to say she “has a stronger voice” on the matter than anyone else is absurd in a “we are all equal” society. This person is arrogating to herself a stronger voice, and telling anyone else: too bad. Audacious indeed.
“First, it’s criminal that the US is so far behind the 8-ball on this issue, compared to so many other countries (read “basic human rights” and “drain on resources”).”
What? Under what criminal law will the US be indicted or charged for providing the most advanced health care system in the world? We are light years ahead of all but a few nations, and then only on some rare things mostly due to the racial and ethnic composition of America versus, say, Sweden. Compared to what other nations? The SMRs of Europe, for whom we provided their new health care system, which they ran into the ground, and is now 60 yeas old and broke because they ran it under the principles espoused by this person who writes about America today? What 8 ball? Not a person in this country is denied a level of health care that is the envy of the world. It’s impossible. We don’t third and second world class hospitals here. Even the worst government run (and aren’t they all the worst?) hospital in America is as good as or better than any average hospital in France, Germany or Italy.

“Second, it’s a fact that this is the closest to some kind of health care package that we’ve come to in 15 years. It will be far easier to enact something & modify it later than it will be to start all over again from scratch. What’s the alternative – wait another 15 years?”

This person is logically nuts – to get something bad is better than doing nothing and avoiding doing a bad thing? To come out worse is better? Then, supposedly, this bad thing is to be modified later – in how many years? The very 15 years she or he complains about having to wait if we “started from scratch”? So, to this person it is better to get a bad thing, that does nothing or make it worse, so that in 15 years or so it can be modified to make it better – but she or he is not willing to wait 15 years to start off with the best plan anyway. It’s mind boggling. It is bereft of rationality. Bad is better than good, and waiting 15 years with the bad is better than waiting 15 years with the good. She or he is a masochist of high order.
“Third: What it really comes down to is what one’s view of America is. “Of the people, by the people, and for the people” stands in stark contrast to, “I’ve got mine, who cares about everyone else”. My America takes care of its resources, including its people. Anything else is, frankly, ugly & casts shame on us as a nation.”
Again, so logically masochistic, and filled with child inducing fervor for the nanny state. No, don’t take care of yourself – have the government take care of you. No, don’t work for what is yours, but take what is others. No, don’t try to make all people happy, but make all accept “my” America. If this person wanted to join any number of healthcare options, have at it. But this person insists that we go his or her way or you are not part of “my” America. Furthermore, Lincoln’s comment is about equal rights under the law and a system in which all can achieve what you can without interference from others. What she or he transposes this to is a successful person is somehow guilty of something because someone else was not equally successful. Not to mention the fact that Americans are the most giving people on earth, ever. No horrible condition of mankind anywhere is not without its Americans coming to the rescue as best they can under the circumstances, usually hindered by governments worldwide creating the problem and preventing its solution. How is this “who cares about everyone else?”? This person is devoid of reality.
Then, in this plea for SMR this person says that “anything else is ugly” — freedom to work as you want and keep the fruits of your labor, and give it to whom you would, is “ugly”? And thus, presumably, this enlightened soul knows to whom the wealth created by one person should be given? What a power mad wacko.

“Casts shame on the nation”? The entire history of the people who created the freest, richest, most egalitarian, peaceful, prosperous and technologically advanced society on earth is a shame? The entire course of American history is a shame because we do not do what Europe, or Asia or Africa, or South America does? What on earth – go back you, go back – to where we all left from. The entire population of America, save perhaps for indigenous peoples, is a history of escaping the rest of the world. We do not know from what SMR dictators the indigenous of Asia left to become the Indigenous of America, but left they did. Often it was indeed that – a dangerous escape with bullets or sharks, or desert heat or rickety boats ever ready to prevent achieving the America dream. This person is simply unAmerican. She or he befouls the entire history of each and every person who ever came to these shores. This person’s own forefathers who immigrated here would be ashamed that they produced such a socialist, marxist, royalist scion who wants to bring to America the thing they struggled and suffered to escape.
“This health plan is a sad joke, sure enough. But scrapping it? Who benefits, really? The health-care and insurance industries; and anyone who supports scrapping it is simply playing into their hands.”
Again, what’s with the self-immolating ideals? What could cause this person to believe that “a sad joke” is what we should enact because we cannot wait a little while longer to bring America to a shameless glory which is pined for? The health care industry is benefiting and she’s aghast and opposed but still pushes for what she is against? It’s bizarre. This is mush. This is horrific. This is frightening.
In far better news, I have been invited to play the piano on New Year’s Eve at Nottoway Plantation in White Castle on the Mississippi River. There, in a haze of dulcet melodies and rhythmic cadences, I shall try to forget that we are living in an age of utter absurdity. From president to this, his supporting citizen, the mush and non-logic, the masochism and lies, the lack of knowledge of history and reality, proposed legislated thievery and sad jokes come rising up like high water in our environmentally sensitive, but way to cold today, mush swamps that surround us.


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