The Truth V. News

Here’s just a paragraph taken from Yahoo news, which is the same mouthpiece as my independent voice of South Louisiana news, since it’s all AP:

“By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR, Associated Press Writer –
WASHINGTON – Republicans threatened to delay Senate business with a health care read-a-thon this weekend as Democrats searched for 60 votes to advance President Barack Obama’s signature issue. A forecast of heavy snow added to the list of complications.”

Uh, the purpose of reading the bill, so dismissively called a “read-a-thon” is to know what is in the bill being voted on. You cannot “threaten” to do the job you are paid to do. Nor can you “delay” the job you are paid to do by doing the job itself. Is AP so in the pockets of Democrats that to merely read a bill that you are paid to read considered a threat to delay one’s job? Reading bills is the job of senators — reading bills according to this mush from the AP is a threat and a delay. Zounds Zaldivar, what a conniving putz you are. But one thing you are not, and that’s a journalist. You are a writer of opinion. And it’s mush at that.

Not to mention that to somehow offhandedly blame Republicans for the Democrat’s failure to find the 60 votes searched for among Democrats themselves is … well … mind boggling really. I mean, like, um, maybe Reid can’t find the votes because the voters (aka senators) don’t have a clue on earth what is in the bill that morphs as quickly as a shapeshifter on a science fiction TV show. Indeed, Reid himself refuses to release the text itself. The vote is now supposedly set for something like 1 AM Monday, or maybe early Tuesday, with no time to even have a pitiful 72 hours public notice — as Obama himself deigned to over the people who will suffer under and pay for this legislation — that being We the People.

Meanwhile, in further news of global warming a blizzard is expected to shut down Washington — is mother nature herself “threatening” to “delay” the work of our senators? Ah, no, a force of nature is merely going to “complicate” efforts to ram a bill that no one has read, and is being written as you read this, and is disliked by a significant majority of the nation.

And other while, at a Royal Palace in a kingdom not our own, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are committed to giving other nations 100 Billion Dollars A Year for things they should do themselves, if they want it done. The nations demanding the 100 Billion are among the most murderous on earth — Sudan, Zimbabwe, China and Venezuela, and lesser cretins of the socialist ilk.

And all the while our own wondrous senator who is being inconvenienced by reading what she is voting on can’t even get a measly $300 Million. What a farce.

Not to mention, it is among the coldest, snowiest Decembers known in the fairy kingdom of Denmark where the unread and unknown plan to give American Wealth to foreign dictators continues. The 100 Billion Bucks dwarfs the entire foreign aid budget on any given year. Foreign aid, long decried, is but 25 Billion or so, and now it is to be quadrupled. By a treaty that is not a treaty, and by words unread and not delayed except by the brick throwing rioters breaking store windows by the hundreds across the frozen tundra of Copenhagen — and thereby releasing heat paid for into the atmosphere were we don’t want heat, supposedly.

And who will get it? Guys like Hugo Chavez, down there in the tropics, who says the goal of the Climate Conference is to “kill capitalism.” Amazing, and Obama is right there pumping up this man’s ego.

Ergo, by Zaldivarian logic, Obama is going to kill off capitalism to save America from becoming a socialist dictatorship like nearly every other nation on earth.

It’s sad, very sad. Though I would not want to stop the read-a-thon of the treason, malfeasance, and criminal indictments of Zaldivar, Clinton, Obama and Reid for having abdicated their responsibilities to the Free Citizens of the United States — and for having handed over the nation to a foreign cabal of kings, dictators and malcontents intent on killing off the United States of America.

One hopes inclement weather does not intervene.


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