Eyes, Ayes and Lies

Eyes, Ayes and Lies

Today is not a day to talk about the news per se. Not in my usual nitpicking way, word by word. Our news is still mush even if we look at the big picture. We are told by a certain Mr. Meyer and Landry, who are deeply involved in getting Louisiana some amount funds, that we should “focus like a laser beam” on the “big picture.” And so what is that big picture? That is the crux of our problems as a nation today. It’s the big picture, stupid. To borrow a phrase from Bill Clinton’s campaign. Yes, it is the economy, and health care, and foreign relations, and the environment, and tax policy and rules and regulations and the issue of poverty in America. These are all part of the big picture. But how is this picture to be decided in the details? That is the problem.

Those on the left, whether they call themselves the liberals, the Democrats, and the socialists and communists who comport with them, promote an agenda. More government is the solution, they say. Why would they think this? From what source of logic does it come? Some say Marxism. Some say “community activists.” Some others posit “compassion” and “concern.” Still more come up with “the general welfare” or “rights.” The names are legion for the idea. Progressives they all claim to be. But are they really progressing into the future? How can they be when they fall back on the failed ideas of the past? How can returning to a papist and royalist mindset of “these things are settled” be rational? How can returning to the divine right of government, by whatever name, be progress? How can relying on the ideas of an early 19th century bitter philosopher who preached revolution, violent if need be, as the sole defining way society should organize itself. How can the past be progressive? That is what they refuse to answer.

As a typical example they have a so-called health care reform bill in their hands. But it is a shapshifting bill. No one can say what is in it from day to day. What kind of way is this to make legislation? The Democrats are supposedly going to either accept the House or the Senate Bill. Both are mush sausage created to please as many of the big government people as possible. Now it is said that the House may accept the Senate version. Without further debate. We pay these guys to debate the issue. We pay them to supposedly come up with a reasonable answer to the pressing issues of our time. The Senate may just pass the House bill, unread and undiscussed. What if one or the other simply agrees to the other? That is, the Senate agrees to the House and the House agrees to the Senate. Isn’t that just utter abdication of the respective houses’s responsibility? Of course it is. But something must be passed. Why? Why, if poll after poll shows so many Americans against it, and poll after poll of legislators say they are against this or that provision but will swallow all reason and spit out the mush, must anything be passed? Sure, health care is not optimum. But no one can argue that there are people dying in the streets.

At least not rational people. Still from the left comes accussations of racism, of killing, of anti-Americanism, of all sorts of dastardly deeds and motives. Why on earth would the left say these things? Are they really that far gone? Is it all politics? The Politics that Americans repeatedly say should be removed from the debate.

Every rational person knows that you cannot continue to spend more than you earn. The US Governments at every level seem not to know this. Do they run their own households like this? Are they bereft of fiscal discipline in their own lives? That is the mystery of our times. Why would so many politicians just abandon solid logical reasoning and say “shop till we drop”? That is the issue of our day.

I cruise many websites. Some are saying, well the ship is only half sunk, but might be saved. Others are filled with commentary that the ship of state has hit the iceberg and is sinking beyond redemption. Still others say that we are on a course to hit the iceberg but have not struck it yet. Amazingly there are those who have to had seen the iceberg and yet are screaming full speed ahead. Still others don’t see the iceberg at all. The one constant in the entire debate is that there is an iceberg somewhere in our course. Doesn’t the near 100% unanimity of the prescence of the iceberg require everyone to just slow down and assess the situation. Shouldn’t reversing course be the best option at this moment, when the iceberg is seem by 90% of the people as either perceived, in the distance, visible clearly, upon us, struck, and destructive? That alone should be a reason for each and every politician to simply say, “No, let us examien what we have before we do anymore.”

Still, we are faced with the fact that the few thousand people at the so-called top of society cannot see this reality. They cannot grasp the importance of what they are doing. Why? Why are they so blind? Why are the politicians at nearly every level of government blind? Why are the press snuffing out the light that might shine a way? Why are they complicit with the politicians? And why are so many of these supposedly good people so willing to forgo reason to merely get something done. Ah, for politicas it is said. Well and good, I suppose.

But that means there is only one solution. These few thousand must be removed far from any center of power on earth. They are power mad and delusional. If every politician was defeated we would have a stopping point at which to reconsider what we are doing. If every news outlets was put out of business we would not have the enablers of the nonsense. And if every single program and tax and rule and regulation was just left alone for a measly five years, until we might catch our breath and see what we have wrought, and see how it works, we might, in a generation or two, fix what truly ails us.

Meanwhile, what is before our eyes is a bunch of ayes to support the lies that not anyone, left or right, does not say exsists.Such unanimity is worthy of respect. And American will be none the worse if we simply waited a measly five years before any new law or rule or tax or regulation is altered whatsover. Let stand for five years what exists today. From there we can draw some conclusions. From that point we might see what does and does not work.

And if 3.5 Trillion Bucks can succor us today, it can for a number of years. And if we can live with 1.5 Trillion in deficit spending this year, than five years is not much to ask to see if we should encourage more debt. And if our foreign commitments are such as they are, than a five year review period can harm no one. In this process of do-nothing we only need be worried about a foreign invasion. But what we need is a simple and plain five year do nothing plan so that we can truly look at all the different things going on and how they affect one another, and from that we might be able to draw rational conclusions instead of rushing to get 2000 to 4000 pages of health care legislation passed by Christmas that no one read and no one understands. A measly five years is not too much to ask of Santa.

Oddly, though, Our Advocate did not inform me today or yesterday how many exact days it was before Christmas. Um, let me see. Yeah, it’s the 15th. Must be but 10 days away. Maybe Our Advocate found out that We the People actually owned calendars.


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