The health care tab grows. So what?

The headline screams: “Review: Health care tab to grow.”

Well, yes. No matter what is done it will grow. There are more people, after all. And better things and more of them for more people. I bet the “tab” for Baby Care is growing too. And the tab for pretty much everything in fact. Since the nation’s economy grew from a few trillion gross domestic product when Ronald Reagan got into office to the $14 trillion today then, well, yes, the tab for every care in our world grew. That is what more wealth means. That is was success is. That is what a better nation is – a higher tab. Why is this a problem?

The AP “writer” is again Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, who is no doubt alarmed that the tab for newspapers and AP stories has been falling due to the mush they publish. In fact, just as always happens in free markets, the tab for outdated and outmoded industries will fall, and collapse, and disappear. There is no national tab for pagers anymore. I doubt anyone under 30 even knows what one is. They have cellphones, and our national tab is growing on that. The tab for “phone care” grew so much that the nation had to add more than 200 area codes because we ran out of the millions of numbers in the original set of area codes from the 1960s. Do we worry about that tab? No. The tab for candles did fall though, as the tab for electric light bulbs grew. Just as the tab for newspapers will eventually disappear as they write themselves into the failed and outmoded ideas of the past. We have no less news, though. For the tab for the internet has risen dramatically, and far faster than the decline in the tab for newspapers. Yet, we have more news for more people.

Still, let’s look just his opening line: “Democrats trying to push through President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul plan … “ — Well, no, there is no such thing as the president’s plan. He certainly didn’t write one. He didn’t propose anything. He said he “hopes” that Congress gets him a bill that “changes” who controls the health care industry and how much taxes and how many rules and regulations must be imposed to get to the correct “health care tab.” That’s what this “reform” is about.

The American people in their wisdom and wealth decided to spend a lot of money on health care. So?

The American government has decided that it has the right to order about the way this is done. Why?

Oddly, the more the health care tab is the more jobs, construction, innovation, breakthroughs and even profits, there will be. And the more health care for everyone, too. Isn’t that good? The more we spend the more we get. But now the Democrats want to decree that only this amount and no more will be spent. They have for sheer power mad reasons decided that they should tell Americans how much is the health care tab limit they are to observe. They have for sheer power mad reasons decided that only this amount and no more will be provided by those who do the work. This is nuts, of course.

This is not about “better” health care. The health care of today is inarguably better than that of even 10 years ago. And it was mostly done privately, despite the previous meddling by Congress. Why is this a problem for Democrats to see? No, they want more meddling as they bemoan the crisis they created.

It is not about “access.” Not one person is denied health care in America. Sure, they might not get one provider to provide, so they go to another provider. If they don’t have enough money to cover the costs there are any number of already existing charities and government programs from which to gain succor. No one is dying in the streets from lack of health care. In fact, Medicaid, health care for the poor is an “entitlement” — You Cannot Be Denied! So who would go without due to poverty? No One!

And in fact, the only people who are worried about how much they are spending on health care is the Congress which appropriated for itself, over the past decades, ever more responsibility for things it should not have been involved in in the first place. It has the budget problem, due to waste and fraud in the billions as they themselves admit. They have the tab problems due to their unsound business practices which denies the reality that you have to earn more than you invest to make things better.

Whether you call that gain taxed “profit” or untaxed “non-profit” or publicly funded “growth in the five year plan” is irrelevant. Call it a qumquat for all I care. But you have to get more than you put in. Otherwise the entity cannot survive economically. The numbers have to work. 2 + 2 still must = 4. You still have to take in more money than you put out in goods, services, salaries and benefits. That is the reality of existence.

But Congress does not operate under this assumption any more. Because the Democrats and most Republicans have come to the conclusion that you can simply rearrange the source of the income and the direction of the outgo without any regard to the necessary balance that is required. And that balance always must lean in the direction of earning more than you spend. Life would not be possible if we totally forgo this reality.

Indeed, socialism, or by whatever other …ism you have: royalism, communisim, communitarianism, etc, and you can lump in theocracy and dear leaders and people’s republics, has the counter-factual ideal that you get more and better of anything by spending more than you earn. That is debt. The Congress knows no limits on the Debt Tab. It is concerned with the health care tab while abandoning all pretense of worrying about spending more than they earn and running up the Debt Tab. The health and wealth of the nation requires that we spend less than we earn, but the Congress thinks the opposite.

The Congress is in the enviable position of having the power of the state to fudge its numbers. Because it spends more than it earns it either issues debt instruments or taxes more. It can do no other thing. The debt, though, is merely taxes put off to tomorrow. And so onward go the brave knaves of our Congress, in complicity with the woozy writers of the press, and with connivance of the piffle professors of academia, into the never never land of taking more money out of We the People to support their inherently flawed ideal. Ultimately, though not this year, nor even this coming decade, the government must take over it all. For that is the only way that they can sustain their current course. Their only income is taking income from others. They have no way to earn their own. And to support their spending they must perforce take more and more of the earnings of others. That diminishes the spending of others, aka We the People. So that we might be given what is ours as largess from the power mad. Inevitably, such a tax and spend regime must collapse. For ultimately the spending which knows no bounds runs up against the reality that there are no more earnings to confiscate. And thus the borrowing that knows no limits can never be repaid, not even by future earnings. And the government collapses.

Many think that with the collapse of government, society collapses too. Not true. Not true at all. Society, that being us, is incapable of anihilation. Society, We the People, will merely create new forms of government to better tend to the sole legitimate role of government – to protect the nation from the invaders from other countries – all of which invaders must believe that spending more than earning is the way to go, for that is the mindset of Royalty and Theocracy from time immemorial. Today it is merely called Socialism, or of late, Environmentalism. The names have changed to protect the guilty. They thus have to invade other nations to confiscate the wealth that they would put towards their purpose. Whether through force of arms or the guile of law, they must invade to feed the maw of spending. Free market countries have absolutely no reason to ever invade anyone. We’d rather sell you something so we can buy some of what you have. We’d both earn more. But all the …isms deny this, and even call it evil.

But fear not, free market societies spring up instantly when the government collapses. For we all will tend to our wants and needs, and try to earn more than we spend, and we can do so without some guy in far away Washington, locked in closed door session, trying to steal the earnings of huddled masses yearning to be free.


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