This Illogic from an Idiot

Reported by the AP on the internet through Yahoo:

–Ronald Walters , a political science professor emeritus at the University of Maryland , said that Reid’s comparison to the days of slavery doesn’t apply, because today’s political parties are very different than they were during the 19th century slavery debates, as well as the civil rights battles of the 1950s and 1960s.

The Democratic Party of the 1800s was considered the party of landowners who owned slaves, while the GOPwas viewed as a more radical party, Walters said, because of its opposition to slavery.

“And 21st century Republicans today are like Southern Democrats of the past,” Walters said.

Ah, Reid said Republicans are all for slavery because to be against health care taxation is like being for slavery.

Walters says that doesn’t apply because: In the past Democrats were for slavery, Republicans against.

So now, apparently, Republicans are for slavery, just as Reid said, because ‘modern Republicans are like the slave owning Democrats of the past,’ as Walters said.

What illogically tortured mush!

What Walters says is just horrific as what Reid says. He merely reformulates the statement of the equation of Republicans with Slavery.

However, socialism, being slavery, is what the Democrats are for, and the Republicans, sadly, just somewhat against. Which doesn’t seem like much of a change at all. Not even close to “vastly different” as Walters says. Democrats are still for slavery, but by other names.

How is socialism like slavery? Well, when we are all working for the plantation called the federal government, and it takes all our money, which is our labor, and gives it back to us as it sees fit, as a slave owner gave chitlins to the slaves, well, then … what can I say. Slavery it is, only to the glory of the plantation state rather than to the glory of the small plantation owner. The size of the plantation does not alter the slavery.

Don’t believe socialists are slave owners? Ask anyone who ever escaped from a socialist country.

No one ever escaped from a capitalist country. Though we are now, apparently, voting slavery to the government into being right now, at the hands of Reid, with apparently the connivance of Ronald Walters. Now I have to spend time finding this nutjob and sending him this post.


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