A Message to Harry Reid

Mr. Reid,
Let me be clear: I oppose government providing health care.
However it is formulated, I oppose it.
I oppose your bill.
I oppose Speaker Peloi’s bill.
I oppose the Baucus bill.
I oppose all the strange so-called compromises you are making.
I oppose your plan to make the USA a Socialist country.
I oppose it all, the stimulus, the bailouts, the government take over of GM and the banks.
I oppose the EPA declaring that my very exhalation of Co2 is a threat to the planet.
I oppose it all.
You call such opposition Racist.
Socialism always creates “emenies of the people.”
Such enemies are always then labeled as criminals.
Racism is no doubt a crime covered by the Hate Crimes Law recently signed.
Am I therefore indictable?
You sir, should either recant and apologize, or,
send out the police to round up the racist enemies of the people.
It is despicable what you said.
As is your colleague, Senator Kent Conrad’s statement that “if you don’t like it, go somewhere else.”
What a post partisan, post racial world we live in — bandied about by your president.
And yet you and Conrad say such disgusting things.
Have you people no shame? No decency?
Or are you going to send the police to arrest me for being a racist enemy of the people for opposing your socialism?
Your form requires my address — you have it — should I await the knock at the door, or:
Your apology, in a joint press conference with Conrad?
And you sir, with your colleagues, are driving a wedge into this country that is sure to rend it in ways you cannot imagine, or maybe you can.
And you want such a rending.
Arrest or apologize, that’s about your only logical choices.
Racist criminal or concerned American?
Which is it, sir?
I await your reply.
Jim Hlavac


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