Translating APese

Here’s a line by line translation of an AP report into Tea Bag English. I feel this word by word quoting is covered by the fair use doctrine. It is also covered by the First Amendment. And it is covered by moral law, the very moral law that pushers of this mush extol that I, a citizen, should be involved in every important issue of our day. If you will say such mush, it is my right, and my Duty, to expose it for the mush it is. And Ricardo Alosno-Zalidvar is a mush purveyor of the most absurd sort.

I apologize for any minor errors, it was late at night, and this just bothered me to the point of rushing through as unread as 2000 pages of the health care bill reported upon by our fearless reporter for truth and the American Way.

Obama tries to rally Senate Dems on health care

Dec 6 02:29 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama rallied Senate Democrats to stand together on his sweeping health care overhaul Sunday amid signs of progress on the divisive issue of whether the government can compete with private industry in selling insurance.

Can the government “compete”? No. No government in history has competed with private business selling anything. In every case they drove private business into the ground through the simple unfair advantage of simply not having to worry about profit, costs, expenses and revenues. Once created, it becomes political, and if more money must be voted, then it wll be. And no business on earth can hope to compete with a business that gets to vote itself more money without any regard to customers, economics or mathematics.

At the request of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid D-Nev., Obama made a trip to the Capitol to appeal to rank-and-file Democrats to work for compromise and do it quickly, according to Reid spokesman Jim Manley. Vice President Joe Biden joined Obama for the closed-door meeting.

In a bipartisan, transparent move the president will meet in a “closed door meeting” to get the peasants (aka Rank and File Democrats) into line. They will compromise amongst themselves with apparently no effort to compromise with 40 Republicans representing one would assume, some 40% of the country. And if 40% of the country is not going to be happy we are certainly not all in this together.

Reid called the unusual weekend session as he races to finish the 10-year, nearly $1 trillion bill by Christmas. The legislation would provide coverage to more than 30 million additional people over the next decade with a new requirement for nearly everyone to purchase insurance. There would be new marketplaces where people could shop for and compare insurance plans,and lower-income people would get subsidies to help them afford coverage.

With 2074 pages just of health care bill, and who knows how many thousands of pages of climate legislation, stimulus legislation, cap and trade legislation, environmental legislation, and who knows what other legislation it should be no wonder that 100 people working on deciding the lives of 300,000,000 were working on the weekends. The $1 trillion is for 10 years – unless you listen to other sources, like the Congressional Budget Office, and independent reviewers of many political stripes saying it could, depending on how you count it and when you count it may cost some 2.5 trillion to 6 trillion bucks. Then what happens after 10 years? Not a clue is offered. Not a word is mentioned. Magically the problem simply disappears at the tenth year. Furthermore to write “provide coverage” in the same sentence as “requirment for nearly every to purchase” is absurd. If YOU are providing, you do not require purchase. And if you require purchase you are not providing. But you cannot do both. Oh, yeah, new marketplaces, all run by the government. Much like sausage stores were “provided” to the people who were “required” to purchase the sausage in the Soviet Union.

The federal-state Medicaid program for the poor would grow, and there would be a ban on unpopular insurance company practices such as denying coverage based on medical history.

There are less poor people every moment in America – except that Congress keeps raising the poverty level, keeping the numbers of poor the same as when they started their brave efforts to eliminate poverty in America. And who is poor? Mostly African Americans – the very people that the Democrats in pre and post bellum America, until the 1970s, kept poor in Southern States.

“This is an historic opportunity,” said Illinois Sen. Richard Durbin, the No. 2 Senate Democrat.

Well, yes, so was the sinking of the Titanic. So was the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which we commemorate this day. So was the invastion of Russia by Napoleon historic. As was the burning of Chicago a historic opportunity to redevelop the city.

Obama and Reid must unite liberals and moderates in the 60-member caucus, even as moderates balk over abortion and the option of government-run health insurance. Sixty is the precise number needed to overcome Republican stalling tactics in the 100-member Senate, so Reid doesn’t have a vote to spare.

So, two men, neither of whom ever had a moment of employment in health care, yet in Congress & Executive Assembled, will unite the liberal socialists and the moderate socialists in the 60% of Senators who will caucus. The other 40? Well, who cares? Apparently. Now, moderate socialists would be more than willing to sell their constituents into government servitude if only they were not required to pay for killing those constituents not born yet. The liberals would just as soon make everyone pay for the slaughter. Then there is the option of government run health care, which is as sure to be as fraud free as the Medicare from which they are stripping 500,000,000 bucks in fraud. And it will, perhaps, be as efficient and well run as FEMA. Republican stalling tactics? Would that be using well established Senate Rules that give a minority the opportunity to present their case? Would that be the voice of 4 out of every 10 people? Imagine you in a van of 10 people. 6 want to eat Mexican, and 4 want to eat Chinese. Can you imagine any case where the 6 would meet in private session to decide where the 4 who don’t want Mexican should eat the Mexican that the 6 will choose for the four? No you cannot. It is logically impossible. I dare you.

“I think if we don’t deliver, we’ve got a problem,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., when asked on a Sunday talk show about the political consquences for Democrats should they fail to produce a bill with congressional midterm elections next year.

Will Americans have a problem? No. Will the Republic collapse? No. Will anyone in this nation die in the street because they don’t deliver? No. But the politicians will suffer. And who will make them suffer? Will it be the 50 to 60 percent of the population who in various polls say they are not happy? Will it be the tens of millions of Americans who voted against Obama? Imagine, if you will, Congress People simply saying, “well, too bad, if you don’t like it, go somewhere else,” as a Kent Conrad, meeting with Obama now, said. That means that in order to achieve the “general welfare” as Democrats say the clause in the preamble to the Constitution means some half the country will not get what they want. How can ½ the country be upset and still achieve anything “general” is beyond me. Then again, in the Pursuit of Happiness, which is an inalienable right, which the Constitution was set up to protect, well, if 4 or 5 or 6 or more Americans will not be happy, how can they be said to be pursuing happiness? It cannot be said. It is fantasma of fantasy to write such mush. And what is Feinstein worried about? Her party’s standing in Congress – and not at all about American Citizens, to whom she swore and oath of office to uphold and protect.

Moderate and liberal lawmakers met throughout the day Saturday to try to find a compromise on the government insurance plan that they could all support and that could also potentially attract Sen. Olympia Snowe,R-Maine, the one Republican to vote for the Democrats’ health overhaul bill in committee.

Ah, bi partisan, with a Republican Socialist joining the Democratic Socialists. Such is bi-partisan. Sort of like the Stalin faction of Soviet Russia allowing a Trotskyite member into the fold before they put a pick ax into the leader of the opposition party’s head. And how can there be compromise? Either you have government run insurance or you do not. Where is the middle ground where compromise might be met?

Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., the second-ranking Senate GOP leader, said that right now his party remained united against the Democratic bill, which he complained would “get the government very deeply involved into health care at an enormous expense.”

Which is true. But as a T-Shirt I saw during the election said “&^%$ the Red States.” Always nice to know that a major portion of the population must simply accept tough noogies and be done with it. Such is the general welfare and the Pursuit of Happiness in our times. Some 40 to 50% and even up to 66% in some polls, of the public be damned. And when such number of people are unhappy it is impossible to state that anything good will come out of your proposal.

A new idea being discussed was national nonprofit insurance plans that would be administered by the Office of Personnel Management, which oversees the popular Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

Ah, so the Office of Personnel Management will administer health care insurance for all – essentially making every single American a government employ. It’s mind boggling. And to call the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program “Popular” is hysterical. Only federal employees know the munificence of their program. Indeed, federal employees are exempt from the very proposals which 60% of bribed and sated Senators will decree for the 40% who loath their plan. Such is non-partisan, general welfare, and the Pursuit of Happiness in America today.

Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., a key centrist, was enthusiastic about the idea, which she’s proposed in different forms in the past. “I think it bodes well for being able to do what we want to do, which is to create greater choice and options in the marketplace,” she said.

To create greater choice and options is antithetical to the creation of a government plan equivalent to what Federal Employees get. In fact, logically, if the option of Federal Benefits are offered to every American there is exactly no option and choice. It will be simply the Federal Employee Benefit. To give every one the same option cannot, ever, be creating choice and options. In fact, it is eliminating choice and options. The woman is, if quoted correctly, either an idiot, a dupe and rube, or a crafty snake oil saleswoman.

Liberals were cool to the proposal, holding out for a fully government-run plan.

Yes, indeed, so Liberal Socialists were cool to Moderate Socialist plans to get every one on to the same plan as the Federal Employees have. So what did Liberal Socialists have in mind? A second tier system, as existed in every single socialist state ever created?

“I’m willing to talk to anybody about anything but they haven’t sold it yet,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio. “We have compromised enough on the public option.”

Yes, he’s willing to talk to “anybody” except the Republicans excluded from the closed door session. So much for everybody and anybody and a body at all.

Someone will have to give. But despite the apparent divide, lawmakers and White House officials sounded increasingly optimistic.

So if the divides are great, how can you be optimistic? Good to know, that the Legislature of Our Nation, charged with crafting legislation, is working so close to the Executive branch that the leader of that Separate Check and Balance is being brought into the closed door discussion among 60 men and women to decide what is good for 300,000,000 Americans. Nothing so reeks and stinks of Royalism as this. Nothing but the Decree of a Louis to build a palace.

“It’s going really well. They’re having a lot of really productive meetings,”Nancy-Ann DeParle, director of the White House Office of Health Reform, told reporters in the Capitol Saturday. “It’s about where it should be at this point in the legislative process.”

Ah, so this unelected, unconfirmed president-king appointee is sure that the proposals of a few for many are exactly where it should be in the process – like a recipe the outcome is predetermined. Now it is merely a matter for the president to tell sycophantic Senators where they are in the process and where he expects them to be shortly. He’ll tell them, of course, behind closed doors, in a new spirit of transparency that he ran for.

While negotiations continued behind the scenes, the Senate was expected to vote Sunday on a Lincoln-sponsored amendment to limit the tax deductions insurance companies take for what they pay their top executives. Lawmakers also were debating a measure to limit plaintiff lawyers’ fees in medical malpractice cases, a politically fraught issue that pits Republicans against Democrats.

So in untransparent negotiation nothing so important for the health care of 300,000,000 Americans than the level of compensation for insurance company executives is being discussed. How many lives will be saved by such discussions? How many diseases will be stopped, cured or prevented by such discussions? None. It is impossible to argue other wise. Limiting legal fees will also no doubt make sure ever single American is more healthy once this bill is passed.

The House passed its version of a health care bill last month. The competing versions would have to be reconciled before sent to Obama for his signature.

Ah, well, so not only do we have 2000 pages of House Bill but 2000 pages of Senate bill. No word on whether the President shall be called into to rein in, tell, cajole and bribe, and rally, the conference committee that will work on the differences between the wobbly Democrats in closed door discussions.

A busy schedule limited Obama’s opportunities to speak directly to senators as they work to complete the legislation. The president will be in Oslo on Dec. 10 to accept the Nobel Peace Prize and then plans to attend climate change talks in Copenhagen shortly thereafter. Obama heads to Hawaii on Dec. 23 for Christmas.

Yes, the president is so busy attending to things which are none of his business that he does not have many opportunitie to speak directly to senators – I just read, by this writer’s hand, that he is meeting in closed session with the people he has limited time to meet with. Surely he could work a weekend on the matter if the Senators must have a “rare” session slogging through 2074 pages than no less than 50% of the people don’t want. But If he does not have the time to deal with the health care concerns of 300,000,000 people it would seem logical that he not go off to a foreing Kingdom to accept an award from the King there, a foreign emolument if there ever was one, which is strictly prohibited by the Constitution. Then he goes off to Copenhagen to address 6.5 billion people on the very unsettled science of our times, with newly found fraud, abuse, chicanery and unscientific behavior to rival FEMA and the combined ethics of Louisiana, New Jersey and Illinois ignored by this AP writer’s colleagues, perhaps meeting in closed door sessions to determine what to ram down the throats of the 50% of the people who oppose them.

Durbin spoke on “Fox News Sunday,” while Feinstein and Kyl were on CNN’s “State of the Union.

Oh yes, three of 100 Senators were not consulted by our author, they being interviewed by other sage reporters. He being unable to find anyone of the other 97 perhaps. He is, no doubt, busy digging out of unprecedented wintry global warming snow — not winter, mind you, for Winter has not arrived yet. Just wintry. Or perhaps he is too busy preparing to go to Copenhagen to sell America down the river, which is where I live at the moment. He could, of course, find no Republicans to speak to or listen to on another media format.

Such is the mush of our day. So sue me.


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