Forward to the Past

Forward to the Past

Our Advocate blares that “Decision due on climate.” — yeah, and so we are to pass laws and enact taxes to affect the climate. Could they not turn off the snow just the other day? Nothing is so warming as freshly fallen snow on palm trees.

Such beliefs are not even like spitting into a hurricane, for at least spit and rain are water. And what is the decision? To return us to the Dark Ages. They are going to mandate that we turn off the lights and the heat, and drive not where we would go, but where they would tell us. Enjoy those electro-gizmos one more season folks, for it will all be outlawed for the good of We the People. California already started on outlawing big screen TVs, so that we might not see the royals so clearly as they obfuscate and hide our decline.

And, in a good bit of extra-Constitutionalism Obama is going to sign on to the treaty without the Advice and Consent of the Senate as is required by that now “living” document they are killing. Like Medieval Inquisitors they are piling 2000 page rocks onto the Body Politic, until we are crushed under the weight or Royalism and Socialism. These two forces, so supposedly at odds with each other, are exactly the same. You can take the word ‘royal’ and plug it into any document promoting socialism and it works just as well. For they want the same Dominance by a few of the many.

Who goes hither? Leonardo DiCaprio – a prince of fabulous wealth is leaving his palace by the sea to travel 6000 miles in private jet comfort so that he might enlighten the masses with his years of hard study of science, math and computer modeling of the future. He’ll tweet, no doubt, from the night clubs of Copenhagen to alert us of developments. All number of Hollywood Stars are alighting in the Danish capital so that they might tell us what they know of Climate. They who are so successful at predicting next year’s Oscar winner will now tell us what the weather will be like 50 years from now. Special effects teams are on hand to make it seem real. None of them will be traveling on a charter flight together but instead take to the air, unlike the dodos they are, and fly in their private carbon spewing jets stocked with cake and caviar.

The Climate Oscar, Al Gore himself, was inconvenienced and will not attend what he worked so diligently to achieve. Something about attending to his palaces that he infrequently visits. He forgot to turn the lights off, and so is rushing around 10,000 square foot carbon footprints trying to remember where the switches are. He is also no doubt huddled with masses of lawyers yearning to keep his illgotten wealth in the form of grants, tax credits, buybacks, kickbacks and plain plunder.

I emailed Landrieu and Vitter for their take on the Climate Science scandals – it’s not science, really, when you chuck your data and put in the numbers you like so that you can create the pixie dust and fairie fire you desire. It is alchemy. It is Medieval. It is fraud. Neither one has deigned to give me a response. Not so much as a prefab statement meant to still my quivering hands trying to protect my money from the Tax, Fraud and Spend machine they are complicit in. Not so much as a comforting word about how they are “considering absolutely everything” so that we are not sold down the river like modern slaves. Though, since Louisiana is the outlet for the river down which slaves were sold, perhaps they don’t feel that I, their lowly employer, should know what they, my highly paid and powerful employees, are doing about the fraud they are complicit in. Which is understandable in a way. Or just perhaps they are in Congress Assembled attempting to figure out the least obvious way to screw me out of both my money and my health care in the most obtuse language that can be crammed into 2000 pages of law to set up 100 bureaucracies with 2000 pages of rules to come from each.

And the fraud goes unmentioned by our Advocate, advocating for the good of our royals, and not for the peasants reduced to using it for the warmth of the fireplace these cold days. In a subhead line “UN Official: Countries Must Deliver.” Yes, an unelected guy who we do not know from a land far away is now telling us we must deliver. Not to mention some Belgian who got himself appointed European Union President is going around saying “the new world governance is here.”Yes, such is the royal fervor of our times. Finally it seems the world will be united in an effort to wipe out the Industrial and Information Ages so that we might return to the bliss of huntering and gathering outside our caves while giving morsels to the high and mighty in their palaces that rival le Petite Trianon. They dare not try to redo the big palace of Versailles. They just want one of the smaller palaces on the grounds of the behemoth of houses there outside of Paris where Sarkozy, the First French Amazon President dare not live. Still, he is set to reclaim the wealth of Louisiana that he apparently feels Napoleon wrongly sold to We the People. What did Napoleon do with the $15 million in gold? Why, he invaded all the countries of Europe that he had not already invaded and stripped of their wealth. He put his brothers on the thrones of Portugal, Spain and Italy, much as the Landrieus, Kennedys and Bushes of today put their brothers and sons in political power. For as the shrimp Napoleon himself thought, none are so worthy of they of the blood.

Who else tried this world government thing? In times of old, when knights were bold it was Ghengis Khan, the Emperor Caesar, and any number of Chinese Emperors, who raped and pillaged and slaughtered across the landscape at their disposal. They extracted the last ounce they could out of the masses before the tax revolts began. And there were tens of thousands of those revolts. Far more dangerous to nearby royals than our tea parties of today. Though Ghengis at least gave towns the public option of surrendering their wealth and a few babes as tribute so that he would not burn, slaughter, plunder and pillage with violence. Ghengis wanted peace in his time, no doubt.

As well as Aztec emperors who threw virgins into the volcanos and ripped out the hearts of the losing sports team to ensure that the coming harvest was good, and the weather Gods appeased. It’s a good thing the Saints are now 12 and 0, for we shall not have to despoil them upon the altar of political correctness as the Cancun Saints of 1450 were despoiled by the Jaguar King and his priests in Mexico City. That’s where, just next year, the Climate Crowd again will gather to pass new legislation to ensure that the weather gods are appeased. And what better place than at the foot of the Sun God’s Pyramid at Teotihuatcan.

In the Medieval Warm Period it was Saladin and Suleimayn, and any number of kings who proclaimed themselves Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and every one of the often multiple popes, all of whom said that Science was Settled, for they had done so at this or that coucil. At Trent, and Troyes, and Ravenna and Aachen, in the royal palaces there, they proclaimed Peace in Our Times and Science is Settled and when back to slaughtering. It was hot outside, and we are told all the time how heat in poor neighborhoods breeds crime like weeds. Any number of mush filled sociology papers will tell you that. And what is this “warm period”? That was the time from roughly 900 to 1300 AD when the earth was warmer than it is today. Far warmer. Back when they were building castles by the dozens to protect their illgotten gains, royal pretenders by the score were sweating it out in temperatures so balmy that Scotland then was like South Carolina today.

Then in recent times, the Emperors Hirohito, Hitler and Stalin, and any number of small time wackos running around the world proclaiming themselves this or that titled potentate were all for world government. In the process, which really was from 1914 to 1945, there being an intermission to the slaughtering, some 100,000,000 tea party folks were killed for the glory of the state. For the Glory of Royal Socialism, National Socialism and Soviet Socialism millions died. They at least knew how to lower public health care expenditures. They even went so far as to even bomb the hospitals into smithereens as a cost saving measure. For a while there was even an Emperor Bokassa, I believe, in the Central Africa Empire, a country now forgetten in the mud of time. Not to mention King Zog of Albania. Yes, Zog!

It being Christmastime the old adage of “far better to give than to receive” is thrown out the palace window, for the kings and queens, dictators and dear leaders and potentates by the dozen are saying to We the People: “Far better for me to receive what I am making you give. And if you don’t like it you can go somewhere else.” To the moon, perhaps, to escape the clutches of privilege and royal-socialist hubris, hypocrisy and hatred of people. Yes, hatred. For these people are saying that we people are our own enemy. And that we are too stupid to know it! We are killing ourselves and our planet because we will not appease the Climate Gods there in Copenhagen, they say.

Not far from there, but long ago, and still in Denmark, Tycho Brahe was showing the Danish King how the settled science of an earth centered universe was wrong. The king then did not like to hear the heresy. So Tycho, along with Kepler and a few other illustrious scientists of the day went to Prague, capital of Bohemia. So they might indulge in a little number crunching so they might uncover the fraud of their time propagated by the pope. Now today, there in Prague, is Vaclav Klaus, trying to do the same. And the proud Bohemians, with their live and let live attitude, gave it’s very name to the free and creative spirit not bound by privilege nor constrained by the rule of princes. We the People are the New Bohemians, getting ready to battle the forces of received wisdom and settled science.

Rapacious governments the world over, sitting on massive wealth in natural resources, can’t even extract enough booty out of their own poor oppressed subjects to maintain a decent palace that they are going to Copenhagen to meet with our Dear Leader so that he might tell them what We the People will give to the charlatans and connivers assembled to continue their repression. Sudan is appointed by recievers to declare the amount to be received from us. Then they are off to Darfur to slaughter more thousands so that Chinese oil companies don’t have to buy oil leases from the peasants. Such is glory in our time. Such is hope and change. Such is the public option we have: Be a slave or not.

And our Advocate utters not a word. Proudly it proclaims that South Africa is just the latest country to join the scheme. They are going to reduce emissions of what we humans exhale – CO2 – by 34% from “business as usual.” Whether by killing the humans or destroying the economy it is not said. They do not proclaim by what methods they will dispose of 34% of what we breathe out and what every plant on earth requires to breath in so that we might eat them. We breathe out, trees breathe in. And what trees breathe out we breathe in. This is the danger. This is the peril. Trees and humans are simply no longer going to be tolerated around the palaces of the royalty among us because we all have bad breath or something as we breathe to each other what the other needs. The world government will put a stop to that. Perhaps they need more room for hunting perserves, like Francois II of France, who built a 400 room hunting lodge he used a few weeks a year in the midst of 200,000 acres of prime grazing lands as nearby peasants starved or were killed in tax revolts.

By 2025 – a mere 15 years from today – the royals of South Africa are dedicated to destroying their economy and their people, their trees and their environment to the tune of 45% from today’s levels.
And all because they are dedicated to the proposition
that in the 4.5 billion years of earth’s climate
in the 2,000,000 years of the humanoid form,
the 250,000 years of humanhood,
in the 45,000 years of archeologically known settlements,
and the 5,000 years of history,
we have now,
arrived at the right temperature.

That which existed in 1934, the hottest year in the modern record, when the Dust Bowl raged, and trees died  in drought because humans did not breathe out enough CO2 for the trees to breathe in.

Hallelujah and pass the ammunition.


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