What logic is this?

What logic is this?

Here we are in our post-racial world, (PRW) we are told, nay, demanded to be, um, non-racial. (NR)
To be politically correct of course. (PC)
And yet we have something called the Congressional Black Caucus. (CBC)
These are black – or are they African-American as I’m asked so many times on forms if I am – congressmen.
Shouldn’t they be in the CAAC?
Or, better yet, shouldn’t they be just American Citizen Congressmen. (ACC)
Where is the ACLU running to the non-racial barricades of a color blind society (CBS).
Don’t they have white constituents? (WC)
Or Latino/Hispanic (LH), Pacific Islander (PI), American Indian (AI), Eskimo/Aleut (EA) and who knows what else constituents?
Or are their districts so gerrymanded that they have a 100% black, um African American, (B/AA) residency?
All of that is odd enough.
However, now we find, that in a fit of pique (FIP) the CBC, as they are known by their accronym, is withholding their votes from some vital legislation needed to increase taxes (VLNIT)
They demand that some of the tax money (TM) that is extracted from poor, middle class and rich blacks nationwide (PMCRBN) be used to fund some unknown number of entities at the public trough.
Why unknown?
The CBC won’t say what is on their list.
In a feat of major transparency in government the advocates for the redistribution of We the People’s (WTP) wealth to their cronies and buddies will not divulge this state secret that may, just may, perhaps, impede the security of the Republic.
It has been reported by a website named Politico and two major newspapers, the New York Times (NYT) and the Washington Post (WAPO), that all told there are some undetermined number of entities are on the list of tax money prize money winners (TMPMW)
None of the three sources reveal their sources who reveal different names of the lucky.
And what is this money needed for?
To make sure that the failing non-profit, for profit, and publicly funded melange of lucky winners does not fail any more than, apparently, their 1) incompetance or 2) lack of customers, would allow them to fail.
And so they, the CBC, like our Dear Senator Landrieu (DSL), who may or may not be as mixed race as our Dear President Obama (DPO), will hold out on the crucial vote until they get their untold hundreds of millions.
Quite amazing logic (QAL)
All these acronymns somehow, in my liberty minded head, look suspiciously like the famous Czech sentence: strc prst skrz krk – or “shove a finger down your throat.”
The only question not whether I will gag – the question is whose finger will be on the hand that chokes me – my own or the Congressional Black Caucus and all those in the Congressional White Caucus and all those in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus who cooperate in this flimflamery.


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