The Snow Comes

In more efforts to give us back our own money as a gift from government our president of the moment has said he will announce new jobs initiatives. “Everything is on the table,” he had said. Just like many a past president, of both parties, by many names. This one is just more dedicated to the practice of government munifence than previous holders of the office.

Well, we don’t have a complete list of the programs, and perhaps none will ever be given in a speech by the man about his good efforts. And in great urgency he will give that speech next week to tell the swift moving federal bureaucracy to move the humongous ship of state in a new direction for America. Yeah, like turning the Titanic either into or out of the way of the iceberg.

But what efforts does he mention through leaks and sources, so as to test the waters of his varied proposals that may or may not be carried out after he heard this or that proposal at his jobs summit? Let’s look at just one to show the logical absurdity of it all:

“Gives cash incentives to fix up their homes” in a green way. Yes, well, with our own green. And how much did it cost us to get us our own green back? Well, let’s say we’re getting $1,000 to green up our homes.

1.It took at least $20 of time for each step of the way to get our own money back (that’s what I charge for most stuff I do)
2.It took $20 to fill out the EZ 1040 Tax Form that most “working poor,” do.
3.But it also took every business at least that amount to do their taxes, and that cost is included in the price. Another $20.
4.It took the IRS itself at least $20 per thousand to collect the taxes.
5.It perchance takes the IRS $20 per thousand to monitor our compliance.
6.It took say $20 per thousand to devise the program into which this will fit.
7.It took, say, another $20 to have the meetings, craft the laws, and publish them in the federal register, and post them to the internet.
8.It takes another $20 per thousand to fill out the grants or applications for the munifence.
9.If it’s a state program with matching funds add another $20 for processing the match.
10.And $20 for meeting the match.
11.It takes another $20 per thousand to process the forms received from homeowner by state agency.
12.And it takes another $20 per thousand to process the forms received from the states by the federal agency.
13.It should take at least $20 to root out the fraud and abuse, mistakes and appeals for denials of said munifence.

For the simple guy, the janitor with a few kids and a sweet wife, with a house that could use a little greening, it will cost him $270 minimally for every $1,000 of his money that he gets back. How on earth can you charge a man $270 to spend his own $1,000 and call yourself moral? Beats me.

Ah, well, this is “targeted money,” or perhaps there is some “social good” that comes out of the janitor creating jobs in green industries for $270 per thousand investment or he could be buying, oh, I don’t know — $1,270 worth of green industry products.
Or silly other stuff our janitor may well have in mind:
health care
a washing machine
a sewing machine
tires for his car
a TV
or heaven forfend, putting it into an interest bearing account so that he might save for a rainy day.

Yet, each of these activities, however “against” or “not in” the “social good” or “targeted money” area makes jobs. It makes pursuing happiness. It makes for rational planning at the point of purchase. It makes for independence. And it would free up $270 additional dollars for the taxpayer to do whatever on God’s Green & Blue & Red & White & Brown Earth (plant, sea, animal, air and dirt) he wanted to do. Even more amazingly, it would, at $27 a pop at the local nursery, put 10 trees around his house to shield it from summer sun and winter wind and lower his energy use, and thus his cost to heat and cool his house, and in the meantime greatly impact our CO2 emissions since that’s what trees eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Where is our Johnny Appleseed of today? Gone to Copenhagen for a tax break no doubt, to run a non-profit, to lobby a congressmen for a tax break for green industries.

But no, we have a JOBS PROGRAM, too, of great munifence from our savior Barack Obama and the tax and spend regime mentality of our politics today. Only he’s not so different than millions of us who think that spending $270 per thousand to spend your own money is not a negative impact on an economy. Oddly, inexorably, the more per thousand people spend to spend their own money the more broke they are. We are spending more to spend more, and so, today, thus, we are broker.

It’s nuts folks. Don’t believe me? Take $2 for every $100 you spend each month and throw it out the window as you drive down the freeway and tell me how that helps you. Now, next month, throw out three bucks because you created a new jobs program in your household.


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