Leaders complicit in fraud and theft

Global Warming a hoax and fraud and the leaders of the world blithely ignore the news as they rush to Copenhagen. They have no eyes to see anything except how to tax folks for their own lack of ideas and lack of knowledge. Pitiful, really. The story:

By BEN FOX, Associated Press Writer
PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad – Leaders of the Commonwealth countries called Saturday for a legally binding international agreement on climate change and a global fund with billions of dollars to help poorer countries meet its mandates.
The 53-nation meeting was the largest gathering of world leaders before next month’s global climate summit in Copenhagen.
The leaders said a deal should be adopted no later than next year and the support money should be available simultaneously, providing up to $10 billion a year starting in 2012.
At least 10 percent of the fund, the group said, should be dedicated to small island and low-lying coastal nations, which are at risk of catastrophic changes from global warming.
“Climate change is the predominant global challenge,” the Commonwealth leaders, meeting in the twin-island Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago, said in a declaration. “For some of us, it is an existential threat.”
The document called for a “legally binding” agreement.
Yes, they who abrogated every idea of contract in the fraud and hoax perpetrated now call for legally binding agreements that would cement in the idea of extraterritorial taxing jurisdiction. They who get the taxes will tell us who pay what the appropriate amount is that we owe and when we shall pay it. These bums are the new IRS of the world. The socialist mind frame is surely audacious. But one wonders if the rich socialists will willing go to the slaughter arranged by the rich socialist. Pitiful.


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