Discrepancies Abound

Resigned, Fired and Discrepant.

In an unsigned, undated, unattributed news brief our Advocate informs us that Obama will meet with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at the White House. They are said to be discussing the Copenhagen Climate Summit. No word from our Advocate on whether they will discuss the mounting evidence of fraud among the Global Warming community’s scientific proponents swill of mush numbers, cooked to the consistency of grits with a dallop of spoiled okra and plastered on the windows so we can’t peek in to their world of discrepant numbers. No word on whether they will discuss the resignations of five Australian MP of Mr. Rudd’s party, including a party whip (and that we have to whip people into shape in parliament or congress shows the depth to which the system has sank,) in protest against the Aussie version of Cap and Trade, also getting to be known as Fraud and Steal. Obama is then going to “stop in” at the summit in Copenhagen, presumably for a great photo op, and then zoom off to Norway to receive his foreign emolument from the King of Norway for peace in our times as the International Atomic Energy Agency’s ineffectual head El Baredei says that Iran is going pretty much full speed ahead with nuclear bombs. Even Russia and China, who have been aiding and abetting the Iranians, who just seized some prior winner’s Gift of Norway’s King Prize the other day, have joined in the very tough diplomatic measure of “censuring” Iran for building, as they say, a peaceful nuclear program that they have no intention of using to bomb Israel off the map, even though Israel has got to go, according to the Iranians. Yes, peace in our times, and world wide legislation that is both based on fraud and the absurd notion that you can pass a law declaring what the temperatures are to be a few decades from now. But where is America’s Courageous Five? Why, our own Mary Landrieu could say something exotic like: “I have to resign my seat effective immediately because my party leaders are leading the nation down a rat hole and I refuse to join them. I must stand up for what is right, not what is politically expedient for me and my family, like my brother the Lieutenant Governor, who wants my seat after I become a cabinet secretary.”

Meanwhile the Pope, good man that he is, and on World Day for Migrants and Refugees too, says that, according to the unsigned, undated, unattributed news brief, “immigrant children must be fully integrated into their new societies and protected from the risks of exploitation” but says not a word about the rapacious regimes that are exploiting their populations to the extent that they have to become migrants and refugees. He’s reported as not mentioning any names, but the helpless article does offer that Italy and the rest of Europe have had difficulties fully integrating immigrants. Where from? From Muslim countries, according to most census data. We have our Mexicans and other Latinos, Europe has it’s Muslims. The Muslims in Europe, alas, do not want to be integrated whatsoever. In Denmark they threaten free speech directly because of a few cartoons. In England they demand their own judicial system with Sharia Law. In France they burn cars nightly because France’s socialist system does not give them enough of whatever they left Morrocco for because the King there wouldn’t give them enough of whatever it is they want. In Holland they killed a film maker and threaten another because they made films about the refusal of Muslims to integrate. Such is the mush from the Pope as reported by our Advocate. Fortuntely for Benedict (the Arnold) XVI he can’t be fired or pressured into resigning.

In Dubai the family run business hit the skids when it was revealed that the Sultan had borrowed 60 billion bucks and probably couldn’t pay it back. He quickly fired his buddies who were discrepant in their budgeting of money they didn’t have. To help resolve the problem the Sultan searched far and wide in his Sultanate for just the right people and found out that his two sons are absolutely the best people for the job,though that was not in the rather longish Advocate AP story, but elsewhere in the news. In other Royal news, Biden of Delaware thinks his son is the best for his people as the senator to replace dear old dad. The Kennedy’s of Massachusetts, like the Bourbons of France, are still considered our Royalty by the gushing Associated Press and our Advocate and TV stations galore. Nary a day goes by without reference to the glorious family of rum running drunkards as our royal family. That a Kennedy did not announce for the family seat in Massachusetts was considered stunning, almost as if Enviro-Prince Charles was not going to take Queen Elizabeth II’s place upon her passing. In lesser province royalty news George P. Bush is talked about as running for some Texas seat or another, that may or may not have been held by some prior Bush Prince, and since he grew up in Florida he would probably be best qualified to carry on the family name in state he knows not much about. But if Hillary Clinton can be a New Yorker, than anything is possible I guess. The Tafts of Ohio, like the Percy’s of Northumbria during the time of Henry VIII’s hope and change campaign that resulted in the Anglican Church, are mentioned clammoring to get back in ether the governorship, the senate or the presidency itself, where they have been lounging around for nearly a 100 years. The Percy’s were 500 years old by the time the Tudors came along. They are still around today. And the present pope, like the one who told Henry “don’t divorce that woman,” (whereupon Henry found paperwork dispcrepancies in abbies, priories and cathedrals and set right by seizing it all for his daughter Elizabeth I,) is still saying he welcomes all the Anglicans who wish to rejoin the one and true Church, whose Irish branch just this week fell into spasms as it was revealed that the bishops and cardinals moved about child abusing priests parish to parish so that they might enjoy the fruits of all Ireland’s fair lads and lassies rather than face any consequences for rather unChristian like behavior.

In California, Arnold (the Schwazenegger) was hit with a $79,000 lien by the IRS that his office blames on a “minor paperwork tracking discrepancy.” I myself fret when I have a 79 cent paperwork discrepancy, and work to crepant it right away. But it took a government lien to help Arnold to find his own. And for “only” a “minor” $79,000, which is about as much as it would take to build a house in the 9th Ward for a single mother and child, or provide new heating and air conditioning units for, at $300 a piece, oh, I don’t know, a bunch for any poor old working guy in Compton, Los Angeles who just had his pay garnished by the State of California to the tune of 10% so that Arnold can attend to the billion dollar discrepancies in his state budget. It was surely a let them eat cake moment since Arnold was serving pumpkin pie at a charity even when the dastardly IRS, unable to find the governor anywhere else, served the papers. Go IRS! Working on the holidays, neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow shall prevent you from your appointed rounds and catch minor paperwork discreptant people. The cop who caught Arnold parking illegally just the other day had no such trouble find America’s most well known governor. Could the IRS possibly have done this for publicity? Sort of like a “we’re on the job, people,” teaching moment?

As it took the government to help former Senator Daschle to find his discrepancy, which prevented him from running the very discreptant Health and Human Services Department, which oversees, I would presume at least somewhat, the discrepancies of Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, CHIP, and Social Security. Who knows? Who cares? They don’t. Meanwhile, Representative Charles Rangel is still avoiding asking the government to figure out his paperwork discrepancies, as are, oddly, his constituents, many of who escaped the Dominican Republic where similar Rangelistas have their own paperwork discrepancies. The IRS, though, has so far been unable to find Charles, who took office in the same district as a former long serving corrupt official. Congress itself is of course too busy with other various members, some 30 to 50, depending on reports, none current but all recent, who are also having increpant paperwork, to deal with one of the very important Barons of Health Care. Indeed, increpancy seems to be a major problem with many a government official. But perhaps the best positioned increpant guy is Timothy Geithner, our Treasury Secretary, who not only has his own minor several hundred thousand dollar discrepancy problems but is in charge of the very agency in charge of ferreting out the discrepancies, also known as the IRS, which is coming to a health care clinic near you, to serve you lien papers for not having health care just as you go under the knife for a permanent wealthectomy and the insertion of a tax cathetor to make collection of the waste money you may have. Just as soon as the Democrats can pass their domestic version of shock changing and awe inducing audacity at the going Landrieu rate of $300,000,000 for a two page legal description of Louisiana that all but gave the lattitude and longitude of Chateau le Bonbon du Landrieu. See, you just have a dollar bill in your pocket, but Louisiana has a Landrieu! Why, imagine 300,000,000 dollar bills laid out edge to edge: That could probably cover Louisiana itself in an inch thick sponge to soak up all those other discrepancies that flitter about the political landscape in our fair state.

Finally we come to perhaps the most important illustration of discrepancies. ThyssenKrupp (the latter Hitler’s go-to guy for Panzer-steel, but a true cockroachian survivor for having made it through the bombing,) who was able to squeeze out of our dear friends in Alabama several more millions from their discrepant budget than we here in Louisiana were able to lose in our own budget paperwork discrepancies has now announced that they will fire 5,000 workers and sell 15,000 others (well, no just the companies they work for, but still if you want to keep your job and your health care, you are sold along with the team,) inorder to work out their discrepancies. Nucor, a company that is going to take the place at the trough here in Louisiana that T-K didn’t like is also facing trouble. Both T-K and N are also debating if the very discrepant Brazilian government can lard them with enough taxpayer money to move south. Yesterday in awe-full hope Brazil asked for money from Louisiana and Alabama to pay Nucor to come south. And I suppose, if Lula of Brazil can get Obama of America to agree with Rudd of Australia in fleecing the American taxpayer into paying for preserving the Amazon from the very sort of industrial giant plant that Nucor and ThyssenKrupp are willing to plop down anywhere for the right bribe then they will be beyond the reach of the IRS which will still be nipping at our heals over too many prescritions for what ails us in order to rectify the coming minor paperwork discrepancies that are bound to come out of a 2000 page bill no one has read.

No word if Nucor or ThyssenKrupp will get together with Landrieu to figure out how to get $300,000,000 from the people of the United States by voting for a bill she is against or if she will learn how to get millions from the people of the United States to close a factory, fire some workers, sell the rest into bondage and move far away. Pfizer, though, of recent discrepancies in eminent domain paperwork does have a great plan for taking people’s houses, turning them into vacant lots (which will make much needed urban green space) and then skeddadling with the money.

It’s an amazing world of paperwork discrepancies this day after Black Friday, when everyone hoped that the American public will buy ourselves into more debt at every turn — retail, wholesale and in Congress Assembled.


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