Let us gay men face reality – a hetero man has been caught with a young boy in sex galore – maybe several boys. It’s all being investigated right now. The facts as they are known are horrid – a middle aged man married hetero man caught naked with a young 10 year old boy. It is horrible and despicable – there is no willy nilly about this. Every gay man in this nation – near 80% or so completely college football illiterate – and thus not really realizing the import of this scandal – is appalled. What gay men are that aware of Sandusky and Paterno? Few, very few, I dare say.

How hetero is Jerry Sandusky? This hetero: http://thestir.cafemom.com/in_the_news/128466/how_could_jerry_sanduskys_wife

The man is married for 15 years – to a woman! And perhaps with a previous wife, I didn’t look that hard. Still, what he did is the fear of all heterosexuals about gay men – that we are “Recruiting!” Nothing could be further from the truth – we know this. Alas they, our heterosexual opponents, don’t believe us.

But we have no voice. No one will listen to us, trust me on this. What will be heard on national TV, and in the sensational press, is that a man sexually abused a young boy. Not a “married hetero man” but just a “man” – and we will be tarred and feathered in ways we always have been. And this, us gay men, we must now face anew. So what shall we say?

Is this “gay”? ABSOLUTELY NOT – not any more than a hetero man abusing a young girl indicts “heterosexuality.” Alas, gay men are automatically accused of this horrid crime against decency, law, and rational thought – and against children. It won’t make a damn difference that heteros are found guilty of this all the time – but “Heterosexuality” itself is excused. – “Homosexuality” will be accused here, despite the fact that this Sandusky fellow was a heterosexual – as are every other involved in this scandal from the get go. Reality is, alas, only we gay men will be “accused” of the crime. (Lesbians are so lucky.)

That the victims will all be hetero, having gone through this all – though, sadly dysfunctional or at least enraged — will not be counted against the bizarre idea that gay men are all “molested” into the “gay lifestyle.” That these poor victims are were not “made” gay at all will not be relevant to the story – for what, ultimately, will be the story, is that gay men were recruiting boys. Were any boys recruited? No. But that will not alter the narrative, trust me on that. And we are guilty by no association one could think of. Sandusky never entered a gay bar – he never tried to smooch someone his own age – other than his wife, a real women indeed.

Here’s several reports of the horrifying events, the facts as others reported, I shall deal with the thought behind them:




And so yes, I and every other gay man is sickened, distraught, dismayed and disheartened that such a thing could happen – we are among the first to say: Don’t bother the young boys! That’s what the entire “Anti-bullying” campaign is about: leave the boys alone.

That every single hetero in the mix was simply “unaware” or somehow “oblivious” is the reality. The denial, the hemming and hawing, the lack of admission, the “What? What did I know?” will come at a furious pace – and somewhere along the way “homosexuality” will arise – no doubt about it. The thing Sandusky did is so horrible, it cannot be avoided. “Sodomizing a 10 year old boy” does not easily get dismissed – and it should not.

And underneath it all will linger, somewhat unsaid by the more rational, but well seized upon by our vociferous opponents: “See! Gay men recruit young boys into the lifestyle!”

Is any of that true? Nope. We gay men know this. But we will not be able to counteract or dispute any of it. No one will listen to our voices. No press person will come and ask our erstwhile leaders: “So what of the gay angle.”

No, it will be thrown at us, and we have naught to say, but by bloggers such as I.

This man – this sick and demented hetero man – has now tarred and feathered us gay men with his actions – in a way we will never be able to counteract. Which infuriates me.

He simply has destroyed multiple years of our efforts to convince even our own families we are decent people. This heterosexual – married – for nearly 2 decades – perhaps with a previous wife – whom I didn’t bother to research – nor if he had biological kids – but heterosexual nonetheless – without any doubt about it – has now destroyed all gay man’s protestations and reality to the opposite – WE DO NOT MOLEST BOYS.

Makes no difference, alas – now every anti-gay group in the nation (which are never concerned much with Lesbians,) will blame this on us.

Frankly, if gay men had guns, we should go and take this man out and shoot him.

(update — my friend Ted rightly commented that we shouldn’t just kill the man, no. And I certainly don’t advocate that at all. Sometimes though, in a moment of anger, one can have a sentiment that goes too far, before letting the law put the man away forever. I would suppose many a victim of a crime, or the spouse of a murdered man, or even the parents of a raped child would get the sentiment, and then let the law do it’s thing.)

He has set back our crusade for a shred of decency by proportions we cannot measure as mere mortal gay men – not a one of us who would do this despicable crime – but, fear not, we shall be blamed.

Brace yourselves, gay men, brace yourselves.