Steve Jobs+Wall Street Protestors+New Lesbian Neighbors+“Values”+Autism Thursday, Oct 6 2011 

Several things happened this week in my life that are very far apart, in one sense, and very similar in another, and also very personal in a way, and oddly connected, as I always seem to see a different perspective. Here, let me explain:

Steve Jobs, a man I never met, and a man whose career I followed only in the most cursory offhand manner, and a man I never bought a product from, but who made billions of dollars from various endeavors, and who will now dispose of his wealth as he sees fit, and I don’t care, has died. The tributes and huzzahs and puzzlements will now fill the next few days, and perhaps rightly so – for he was a visionary, a man who altered our society, a man who impacted our social networks, and the way we dealt with family, friends and business. A man who was somebody. I’m not qualified to speak anymore on him, for I know so little of him. And apparently he was a private person, as I read today, well, so I shall not discuss his life, for he wanted it private.

Weirdly, on Wall Street right now there are some thousands of people who are upset with Mr. Jobs for some reason they admittedly can’t define; they’re as fed up with something as Rick Perry is. And they use Jobs’ iPad to spread the news, and his iPhone to conspire amongst themselves, and their iPods to wile away the hours with revolutionary songs, which accusing him of being some ogre in the land out to destroy what they perceive as holy and good; but which they can’t define other than “social justice” or “economic justice.”

Yet it was Mr. Jobs who was the revolutionary. He’s the one who changed society in ways anyone can appreciate, or denigrate if you wish, too. And what have the protestors down in lower Manhattan wrought in their lives? They have done precious little but be upset about something – usually along the lines of “big corporations” controlling the government. They are blind to the fact that most corporations do their utmost to stay away from government – indeed, they accuse Koch Brothers of destroying government control, while lambasting “billionaires” like the, um, Koch Brothers, for controlling the government. Still, to keep it confusing, other corporations seek to be buddy buddy with government so they might curry the right favor and get millions in free money.

For instance, and to my knowledge this is true – Apple, Mr. Jobs’ company, never got federal funding – oh perhaps the feds bought some goodies from it, I guess, I don’t know, probably. I can’t imagine the FBI without a Mac or two. I can’t imagine the creators of the endless logos of government have not had a fine graphics program on their graphics friendly Apple computer. Mr. Jobs probably did his best to insulate Apple from any predations by government bureaucrats, I’m almost sure. But General Electric, well, they jumped into the sugar daddy lap of government and got all sorts of favors. And Solyndra, oh my, that little twit of a company blew through ½ billion bucks in a year or two with nothing to show for it. Mr. Jobs might have made something of Solyndra, and perhaps just folded the thing as pointless or steered it in a totally different direction. One can wonder.

Meanwhile, the president says he appreciates somehow what the protestors are doing – and the protestors are protesting Goldman Sachs, and there’s a revolving door between Goldman Sachs and the Obama administration. So are the protestors upset that Goldman Sachs has too much or too little input in government? They don’t say. Or are they protesting that the Obama Administration is too close or too far from Goldman Sachs? They utter not a word. Or are they arguing that the Obama Administration simply take over Goldman Sachs? They are reticent to declare such a bold move. Or are they arguing that Goldman Sachs should no longer curry favor with the government? That, too, they don’t declare. So we are left with the idea that they are mad at Goldman Sachs, and are supported by the Obama Administration – and they’ll let us know why just as soon as possible.

Then, too, across the street from me their sat an empty house, a foreclosure even, for months, until finally a couple purchased the thing. And then they tore out the kitchen and the floors and the bathrooms and have been installing a brand new set of fixtures and appliances, down to the flooring. I dare say, corporate America, in some guise or another, is getting a healthy dollop of wealth. The strangest thing about the couple who bought the place, is well, after a few weeks observance, I’ve figured out, or surmised, (but have no asked, no,) are a lesbian couple. With an autistic son of some kind on the spectrum.

In a way, their lives are just as unknown to mine as was Steve Jobs, as are the protestors downtown Manhattan, as indeed, is even Obama’s, and of course, anyone at the “values summit” – I don’t know any of these people from Adam or Steve, or Eve either. I wish them well; and long life, and good health Mr. Jobs did not get that; he died at 56. Just three years older than me. Sad. And yet, at the “values summit” Republican candidates will be told that all – yes, all – gay men die 20 years younger than heteros, and now I see that a hetero man died 30 years younger than the average life span for American white wealthy men. Surely 80+ is the norm for Jobs like men, no? Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Burns – all lived long lives, no?

And the new neighbors, they seem to have an autistic son, or something, some sort of boy who is not going to grow up, some sort of boy who will require mollycoddling all his days. There is no escaping that reality. And so we have, for true values – two woman who are taking care of a boy who even when chronologically a man will be a boy. And in some conference center staffed by gay waiters and hotels with gay desk clerks and gay concierges, the NO GAYS! Movement is meeting to declare my new neighbors a dire threat to the nation. And I have maintained that we gay folks are on the autistic spectrum, and that there’s no “praying” this away; we are not going to change; and a leading autism research has sort of agreed that my position has merit.

And down the block a young gay couple who I met once, two fine but distant men I did not in the least find interesting enough to pursue a friendship have spent thousands of dollars in corporate America to renovate their house too – and to landscape their yard into a cold-hardy tropical paradise. And further down the block is another Lesbian couple, whom I spoke to once or twice in a stroll around the block, have been quietly keeping their home for two dozen years – and Tony Perkins is trying to convince Rick Santorum that the greatest threat to the Republic is that Lesbian couple.

Along the way, Bryan Fischer, of the ill named “American Family Association” is trying to convince Republican candidates to outlaw the four gay households on my block. And people wonder why I’m fed up? Rick Perry has no friggin’ clue what “fed up” means, I can tell you. And these creeps at the “values summit” are trying to rile up my own family, my own nation, my own neighborhood, to come and arrest the four gay households on my block – and I don’t even live in a gayborhood, but a typical street in Baton Rouge Louisiana – and haul us off to court and prosecution by a police state, and convict us all of sissy and tomboy smooching, and incarcerate us at the cost of billions of dollars.

And this will rip four families out of the fabric of my street, and destroy our lives – all for these idiots to think they rescued someone from someone else. Tony Perkins, Peter Sprigg, Maggie Gallagher, Bryan Fischer, Brian Brown, Jennifer Morse, Bradlee Dean – and yes, Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry and Rick Santorum – are just like those whiny protestors down on Wall Street – they are fighting some image they have convoluted in their own minds. They have concocted a bizarre fantasy and now they aim to tilt at it. Both the “values summiteers” and the “wall street protestors” are of the same ilk – they will make society to their view – instead of letting people be private, like I, my neighbors and Steve Jobs sought, and let people do what they can do.

Both camps are the ruination of the country and the people and the American spirit of individualism, of personal effort – and of the right to be left alone by government. Socialists and theocrats are now arguing over who will get the state power to destroy those they don’t like. And it’s unAmerican, unChristian, unHoly and antithetical to all that this nation stands for.

The Libelous Comedy against Gays at the “Values Summit” Thursday, Oct 6 2011 

I just love the Slander & Libel comedy against Gays at this week’s  “Values Summit” Yay! Ramp it up, folks. You’ve got me in stitches now.

For a few days this week all the Republican candidates will get to hear some of the most malicious slander and libel against gay people one could ever want to hear. Oh, there’s no “values” in this summit; other than to simply trash innocent decent people living quiet lives all across America. And accuse us of the most astonishing things, like we’re out to destroy the nation. Things made up out of whole cloth, a sort of delusional fabrication that is way beyond “no marriage” into – NO GAYS! Nothing like a little cultural and possibly physical genocide in the morning, eh?

Yes, there, people like Tony Perkins, the circus clown leader of it all, will declare hairdressers a dire threat to civilization itself – and he wants us gone! It’s preposterous of course, and surely the candidates recognize this, no?

I really can’t get into arguing with people like Peter Sprigg, of the bizarre group masquerading “for family values” – calling itself the “Family Research Council” which attacks me and my family, and even demands my own family rise up and do something about me. I was talking to my aunts about this; they would rather smack this man silly rather than hear another word about the horrors he thinks I pose.

This man Sprigg really thinks I’m a “domestic terrorist” – that’s rich comedy. Exactly how I am, other than waking up in the morning, I doubt even he could say with any clarity. It’s more some abstract “homosexuality” that he’s obsessed with. And what do I do, that perturbs him so? I have had occasion to smooch someone he doesn’t approve of, and that’s it. Perhaps he thinks he’s the national daddy and his mission is to approve or disapprove of any particular relationship which might occur, even far from him. But I’m more a “domestic servant” because I take care of an 89 year old man, who Sprigg also thinks is some peril to the nation, oh well. We giggle at the fool; so fearful of us he is he thinks our very giggling at him is a “vicious attack” upon his frail being.

There’s this Bryan Fischer fellow, so out of his mind that he thinks gay Americans are “like Nazis,” yes he really said this. I can’t imagine how us gun shy sissies are going to round up millions of heterosexuals and head them off to the gas chamber; or for what reason we might do so. But he’s sure that’s our plan. And we certainly are not asking to invade Poland or France, I assure you.

He also says where just like real life off with their heads blow up the marketplace Muslim on Jihad. Yes, yes he does. He says it repeatedly. Can he point to one single example of a gay man who killed a hetero for the fun of it? Can he show any gay person who ever strapped dynamite in his Speedos and blew up a shopping mall?

Can he find one gay person, just one, who ever walked into a family’s home and shot them? Stabbed them? Or even merely said “You bad heteros” and shook his fist while saying it? Can this man find any gay folks who ever “attacked” a church, or tried to shut one down? Hell, we haven’t even sued this man for his slander and libel; though I’m beginning to think we should. He knows what he is saying is just arrant mush and lies, no?

Oh there’s others, to numerous to name, and I’m busy – and are cataloging the bizarre ideas spewed from little minds. Bile and simply silly nonsense, and from grown men too! It’s a marvel to behold. And Perkins, he’s positive I “hate” him, and that what he dishes out to me (aha, he admits he says nasty stuff! ) I supposedly dish back to him “treble” – well, ain’t that terrible? I defend myself and mine against his bitter rants and whining about my life which he knows nothing about other than his self-constructed enigma – by laughing at him – and he says I attack him? Hahahaha! I’m not attacking him; I wish him the very best; I love the comedy.

I wish Mr. Perkins really does keep up his rants. I wish him to completely and utterly ramp up his calls for my incarceration. For the more the fool blabs his pablum the more he helps me. Why, he’s my best friend. He’s done more to help gay rights than nearly anyone in America. Why, he proves daily by his words that everything he says is just one big lie. It’s a marvel to behold, this lunacy, but hey, I can take it, I’ve been listening to it for decades. And the more it’s been said, the more people conclude, “what on earth?”

Still, who knows to what depth the Republican candidates hold these same beliefs? I know Rick Santorum is of course calling for outlawing us again. And for “liberty” he seeks to arrest us all and incarcerate us all together, for being together. And I can’t fathom what sort of police state will be required to do so. Nor can I imagine the billions of dollars that it will take to build all the prisons and hire all the guards to keep us in jail for ever, I guess. He won’t let us out; he thinks we’re a danger to society. We’ll be recidivists – he’ll never let us go for we’ll make whoopie right there in the “Club Ted” he wishes to set up for us. What a jobs plan!

And, you know, if these people really do want us gone from society, and from this nation, and the politicians believe them – why don’t they just give us a few cities, and let us form gay city states that are no longer in America. I mean, if we can go crazy in thinking one can get rid of gay folks, why not just give us, oh, south Florida? From Gainsville south should be a nice Gay Republic. And then, when new gays kids come along, they can send them south to us.

Strangely, since gay folks are born gay, this new Gay Republic would be a wonderful experiment to prove it. All the gays now will leave, and go to our new country. Then, within a few weeks, the next young pubescent boys will figure out they’re gay and well – who then made them gay? Who would “recruit” them? What “evil” influences will be there, for we, the “evil” will be gone? Who then to blame for the new gays? It’ll be a wonder to behold, all these poseurs about “homosexuality” will be simply flummoxed – “how could there be any more gay folks?” And they will have no answer but whatever mush they believe now.

Yes, comedic slander and libel; all in a day’s work at the “values” pit – there are no heights achieved there, only depths of lunacy, to see who can be the most strident in trashing gay folks. It’s laughable. I can’t wait to hear all the mush; I shall laugh my tuckus off; I’m sure. For they do say funny things.






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